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The time for completion of this project was reduced by 60%

The time for completion of this project was reduced by 60%

Shridhara CN, Associate Director, Technology and Marketing, Preca Solutions India Pvt Ltd elucidates on a recently completed project and the benefits of using precast in delivering the project on time

What was the scope of work involved?
The scope of work included structural design, manufacture, supply and erection of precast structure of the building. The structural foundations were casted at site and super structure was casted at recast factory and connected at site.

What were some of the major challenges you had to overcome to complete this project?
Major challenge in this projects are design loads and integration of structural supports to their machineries and their requirements. A minimum floor to floor height of 6.0 m was required Also this type of building is the first of its kind and we at Preca are proud to be associated with it

In your words, what are some of the innovative materials, techniques and products that have been utilized to execute this project?
The structural design itself is innovative. We designed this building with machine loads not less than 1 t/m2. Creation of support systems for resting of their reactors and hang their pipe racks is also an innovative feature, I would like to make a mention of. The total super structure has been designed using precast technology by using precast columns, precast pre-stressed beams and slabs, stair cases, lift cores and wall panels.

What according to you are the benefits of using precast in the project?
The time for completion of this project was reduced by 60% when compared to regular cast in situ construction. Longer spans created more free space and eased the movements inside building. As all elements were casted in controlled environment the buildings are robust and long lasting and not to mention the expenditure for maintenance of this building too has reduced. No plastering was required on top of precast elements which meant use of materials and cost both were reduced to a good extent.  The client was able to commence their operation at earliest which ensured smooth production of the end products. Also it created job opportunities for the common people.


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