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The Zephyr House design embraces nature with peaceful living

The Zephyr House design embraces nature with peaceful living

 Zephyr House provides retirees with a calm and easily controllable living area with its earthy components and quiet architecture.

Like a gentle breeze, the peaceful and serene frame of mind of our clientele is reflected in the Zephyr house. The elderly clients, who were professionally retired, wanted to move into a house that would allow them to relax and mingle freely while still being simple to manage.

The result of a straightforward neutral colour scheme of beige and grey is the house. Sage green, salmon, and lemon yellow are dotted with oak wood to bring warmth to the area, drawing inspiration from the hues seen in the sky and oceans to offer splashes of colour to their lives. The entire house has an earthy feel to it thanks to clay elements.

The flooring is a magnificent Michaelangelo marble canvas that reflects light, and the furniture was made on location. A living area with contemporary accent pieces of furniture is accessible from the entry. A civil intervention has been used to penetrate the dining wall and link it to the kitchen. This makes it possible for the family members to connect and have a free-flowing vision. Simple plants and a cane swing accentuate the deck’s simplicity.

All the elements have been given softer edges, and the wall and ceiling share the same language. The kitchen has everything you need to live a comfortable and convenient life. The powder room features grey tiles, a large counter with a marble countertop, and a pendant light with a mosaic design.

The space on the left has been transformed into a study, complete with a white, glass wall cabinet. This keeps the space large while providing lots of storage in this room. The only furniture in this room is a little niche in the wall next to the yellow sofa/bed. Once more, the master bedroom is entirely white, featuring an Olie pendant light and a headboard with beige panels. A combination of sage green subway and mosaic tiles adorn the toilet.

The furniture in the guest bedroom features wood panels and cane, giving it a festive feel. The bathroom features mosaic grey and salmon subway tiles that are kept simple. The whole house has the tranquillizing effect of a gentle breeze without making a disturbance.


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