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Tiles are the best option for walling and flooring purposes

Tiles are the best option for walling and flooring purposes

Earlier, people preferred to paint the walls and add textures/designs to it, nowadays tiles when chosen correctly are guaranteed to create an impression. It can grab everyone’s attention for all the right reasons, say Kamlesh Patel, CMD and Mukesh Patel, MD, Asian Granito India Ltd.

How can tiles enhance the design value of interiors?
To create a luxury and aesthetic look, tiles are the best option for wall and floor application. Earlier, people chose to paint the walls and add textures/designs to it. Now with the arena of colours and designs, Tiles can instantly create a wow factor in your home and look great as a feature wall. Larger tiles will help a small room look bigger. Tiles when chosen correctly are guaranteed to create an impression. It can grab everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.

Terracotta tiles are resistant to mould bacteria, do you feel in the current scenario they will re-emerge as one of the choicest materials for tiling purpose? What is the other option we have material wise?
Now the trend has changed so there is no need to go with Terracotta tile. With the introduction of AGL T.A.B (Tuffguard Anti-Bacterial) tiles, AGL provides solutions to create living spaces more hygienic than ever. AGL T.A.B tiles are made with tuff guard plus anti-bacterial glazing made of silver ions that are homogeneously distributed throughout the matrix which hinders the growth of bacteria and germs which come in contact with it. AGL TAB has successfully tested under the protocol of JIS Z 2801:2010 Anti-Bacterial testing with more than 99 per cent. The tiles are available in 600 x 600 mm size having features like stain-resistant, high abrasion resistant and anti skid to walk freely.

What kind of tiles are best suited for royal and heritage structures?
Royal and heritage structures require long-lasting conservation and aesthetics for generations to come. Having the unique characteristics like resistance to light exposure, chemical attack, and fire, along with decorative applications, ceramic tiles have been the preferred choice for many heritage structures. Ceramic tile flooring moreover is low on maintenance and it exhibits a versatility of coloured glazes and decoration. 

Apart from lobbies and museums, what are some of the apt spaces where tiles can be used for walling purpose?
It’s important to choose the best floor for your entryway of home, garden, front yard, poolside and patio deck. The outdoor areas of your homes should be tiled perfectly because it sets the tone and magnificence of your home. It will make an excellent first impression if you get the proper set of floor tiles within the entrance. It helps you, show-off, your home and style-quotient.

What are some of the advantages offered by ceramic tiles over the use of marble?
Marble is primarily used on floors whereas tile is especially used to cover roofs, floors and walls, outdoors. Marble is porous and easily stained, tiles are stain resistant. Loading and installation of tiles is easier than the marble. Unlike marble which is not suitable for cold climates, tile is suitable for all climates. Tile is a compact product fired with 1200 degree, low water absorption, highly resistant to an acid. Tiles also provide essential morphological and aesthetic features of minimum thickness making it ideal for multi-storey buildings with long-lasting durability.


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