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Toshiba Elevators to supply 60 ELCOSMO-IIIL to Tulip Monsella 

Toshiba Elevators to supply 60 ELCOSMO-IIIL to Tulip Monsella 

The renowned manufacturer of escalators and elevators, Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Private Limited (TJEI), has revealed a major order to provide 60 high-speed ELCOSMO-IIIL elevators to Tulip Group’s esteemed Platinum Collection, Tulip Monsella.

This historic project aims to provide state-of-the-art vertical mobility options that will improve urban living. The partnership between TJEI and Tulip Infratech ushers in a new era of opulent housing construction. The Managing Director of TJEI, Katsuhiko Sato, expressed his excitement by saying, “Toshiba is dedicated to providing outstanding lifts that surpass our customers’ expectations.” Tulip Infratech’s confidence in Toshiba Elevators is evidence of our capacity to provide seamless, secure and pleasant mobility in an opulent metropolitan setting. Tulip Infratech has selected us as a partner, and we are honoured to have this honour bestowed upon us.

Tulip’s luxurious residential complexes are meticulously crafted to create outstanding living spaces in every way. In these kinds of developments, lifts are crucial. As Parveen Jain, CMD of Tulip Infratech, put it, “Time is valuable in the world of luxury, and lifts are essential to this experience.” Toshiba Elevators’ sophisticated appearance, whisper-quiet operation, and smart technology perfectly combine luxury and convenience in a setting. Their unmatched technological prowess and artistic sensibilities render them the perfect partner for crafting remarkable experiences.

The ultra-luxurious Tulip Monsella project is located on Golf Course Road, one of Gurugram’s most desirable areas. This mixed-use group housing complex, which spans 20 acres under the Transit Oriented complex, consists of 10 residential towers, each majestically standing at 145 metres with 36 to 40 stories. In addition, there is the famous “SKY HUB,” which represents the height of luxury, and a limited-edition commercial tower with 14 units.

The sixty ELCOSMO-IIIL high-speed lifts, which can reach astounding speeds of 3.0 metres per second, will be installed, maintained, and operated by TJEI. For the occupants of the upscale luxury complex, these lifts are made to have the least amount of average wait and ride times possible. With its ecological design, the ELCOSMO-IIIL series offers the ideal fusion of cutting-edge technology features, comfort, and style.

For more details, visit: https://toshiba-india.com/


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