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Townplace West Kowloon designed for comfort and scenic views

Townplace West Kowloon designed for comfort and scenic views

Located in the vibrant West Kowloon district of Hong Kong, this concept hotel, commissioned by Sun Hung Kai Properties and designed by LAAB Architects, offers a unique space where people from around the world can connect, engage, and feel a sense of belonging.

Townplace West Kowloon is unique as a hotel of the future, that promotes social interaction and a strong sense of community. This hotel acts as a vibrant gathering place for people from all over the world and is situated in West Kowloon, Hong Kong, a centre for both cargo terminals and arts and culture. The hotel, which was commissioned by Sun Hung Kai Properties and created by LAAB Architects, has a number of suites, communal areas, and an art collection that is carefully chosen to include pieces by Hong Kong artists in an effort to create a lively and culturally diverse setting.

Designing environments that accommodate a range of moods and personalities presented a challenge for LAAB. Recognising that everyone’s definition of what constitutes a “social” encounter is different, LAAB designed spaces that may support both quieter, more introverted interactions such as a mere smile—and more outgoing ones. They accomplished this by combining elegant, industrial, and natural elements to create settings that arouse a range of feelings, including playfulness, calmness, coolness, and meditation.

The expansive lobby is redesigned to be more manageable and friendly by breaking it up into a number of small, personalised areas rather than one big volume. The lobby’s unique combination of raw materials and finishes creates a calm yet vibrant atmosphere. One unique element in the elevator lobby is a series of stackable bricks that let visitors tailor the area for different kinds of gatherings. In addition, a digital art mural at the lift lobby by LAAB graphically depicts the lifts’ rhythmic movement, transforming a mundane task into an engaging experience.

With its three various moods, the CLUB can accommodate a variety of interactions and activities. In contrast to conventional hotels, Townplace West Kowloon allows visitors to utilise any section of the CLUB for work, meetings, or play there are no designated places for dining, drinking, or conducting business. The Flavour Lounge is a verdant area with natural materials and wood accents that offers a laid-back vibe akin to an outside garden lounge. It has hotpot stations, bento kiosks, party rooms, artisan studios, and communal kitchens. The indoor and outdoor areas are open to the harbour and can be divided flexibly.

The Think Tank is a chic industrial space perfect for business, book clubs, movie evenings, gaming, and wine tasting. It features soundproofed rooms and a variety of seating configurations. Relaxed and fun, High Bar features lounge chairs, an automated beer tap and a bar. It may be converted into a sizable private function area. Two gyms are available for fitness: Beast Studio for intense training and Mindful Studio for yoga and relaxation. When necessary, curtains can be drawn to create private rooms in both areas. The Sky Bound pool enhances the community connection with a mural inspired by the nearby cargo terminal.

The Suites are thoughtfully designed to maximise the connection with outside vistas, and are suitable for both short and long visits. Different unit types prioritise comfort and functionality to accommodate a range of lifestyles. Ample storage, coordinated workstation and pantry systems for optimal counter space, and movable couches ideal for sleepovers are among the features. The vivid and warm material palette evokes a feeling of home by reflecting the colours of West Kowloon. A contemporary, community-focused hotel, Townplace West Kowloon combines cultural diversity with adaptable, emotionally impactful areas to meet a range of visitor demands.

For more information, visit : https://westkowloon.townplace.com.hk/


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