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Urostar: Taking Strides in Sustainable Lighting

Urostar: Taking Strides in Sustainable Lighting

We are committed to provide best of the lighting products to save electricity.
Ajoy Sahay, Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Urostar Electricals India

Could you brief us on the role of lighting industry in construction space?
The construction industry has been a backbone of Indian economics since past few decades. The industry not only contributes to the economy, but also a great creator of jobs.

This industry in India has witnessed the utilisation of latest technologies to meet world-class constructions. Since the last few decades the taste of buyers also been changed and upgraded, they also expect everything to be of the best and do not mind of paying additional against the best of the facilitations.

Construction industry in India, along with all other modern upgradations, focusing more on power conservations. Towards the step of power saving, lighting products have direct relationship with construction industries. As good as lighting products would be used by the construction industries, as much as the consumption load will be reduced, which can be seen and felt very quickly by the customers and could be of great help for reducing the huge maintenance cost towards electricity.

Today, the construction industry in India also transformed its thought process to use LED light source over the conventional light source. The use of LED light source not only saves maintenance cost but also reduces electricity bills drastically.

How the lighting industry does contribute towards sustainability?
Lighting industry always contributes to sustainability. This is the industry which has changed its source of light with time and requirements to conserve the reserves. It always supported saving of energy generated from any resource whether it’s thermal, solar, wind, water or nuclear.
From conventional light source to CFLs, then conventional T-8 FTL to electronic T-5 FTL, From CFLS and energy saving lamps to further energy saver LED light source is not an easy journey, but witnessed within very few years only. No other industry has shown such a huge transformation towards contribution of sustainable energy.

Lighting industry not only developed the products for the further reduced consumptions of electricity to benefit its consumers, but also re-settled the market time to time by 360-degree. The industry has faced all the challenges in introducing more power saver lighting products from market and consumers as each time they not only had to educate the consumers to sell the products, but also had to face the trade and institutions towards the changing of state of mind. However, the lighting industry continued its services towards electricity savings. Today it has established LED as the prime light source and just in span of two years the products also got established for the consumers’ need.

The only threat for the industry is substandard products as they do not promote the electricity saving, rather demoralise the good products to compromise with the qualities to meet out the price band of these substandard LED lighting products.

Can you give us a brief overview of your organisation?
Urostar Electricals India Pvt Ltd is a sister concern of HQ Lamps Manufacturing Co Pvt Ltd and Goel Lightings. The company offers the wide range of lighting products which includes LED lamps, LED bulbs, LED recess panels, LED surface mount panels, LED COB panels, LED downlighters, LED high wattage lamps, LED tube light sets, LED spotlights, LED floodlights, LED streetlights along with conventional light sources like retrofit CFLs, non-retrofit CFLs, luminaries, T-5, ballast under the brand name UROSTAR.

What is the USP of your LEDs?
We are committed to provide best of the lighting products to save electricity. Our LEDs do not consume higher electricity than the announced one otherwise the purpose of using LED light source will be defeated. Today a lot of substandard LED lighting products are taking the market share on the ground of cheap price. These sub-standard products not only harmful for eyes but also consume double or triple the wattage than the announced one. So ultimately neither the purpose of electricity saving gets resolved nor the products cost remains cheaper, as whatever a consumer saves in buying the substandard products spends more in the electricity bill in form of abnormal high consumptions due to substandard LED light source.


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