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Walk-in Shower + Bath sets high standard of comfort in small bathrooms

Walk-in Shower + Bath sets high standard of comfort in small bathrooms

People who live in cities often require creative solutions for limited living spaces. With its innovative Shower + Bath combination, Duravit has succeeded in uniting contemporary bathroom design with optimum use of space. The Shower + Bath, designed by EOOS, feature a two-in-one walk-in shower and bathtub. The integrated glass door easily transforms the bathtub into an accessible open shower. And – if the door is opened towards the inside of the bathtub, it disappears under a waterproof cushion and remains invisible. The firm cushion is positioned on the integrated door and the edge of the bathtub, offering a comfortable seat and additional shelf space.
Precise lines are characteristic of the design language of Shower + Bath. The rectangular basic form and steep sloping sides ensure plenty of room to move when showering. The shower is surrounded by a generous glass enclosure, which can be selected in optional mirrored glass. This variant introduces an additional element of visual spaciousness into small bathrooms. You can also comfortably sit on the cushion when showering, since it can be moved along the entire length of the bathtub.

The cushion serves an additional function when relaxing in the bathtub; it can be used as an adjustable backrest or shelf. With the door closed, the tub can be used as relaxing soaking bath or foot bath. During bathing, a safety lock guarantees that the ESG-glass door cannot be accidentally opened.

The functional versatility of Shower + Bath is supported by its manufactured precision. The DuraSolid A material allows for sleek, refined edges in the design. The bathtub body, plinth and paneling are all made from the solid material. Compact external dimensions of 170 x 75 cm enable space-efficient installation options and ensure that this new solution can replace a conventional bathtub, even during bathroom renovations.

For more details, visit www.duravit.in


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