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Watertight windows for monsoon season by Alumil India

Watertight windows for monsoon season by Alumil India

Watertight windows are now available from Alumil India in its Supreme and Smartia ranges, providing monsoon-prone areas with enhanced protection and contemporary style.

Being part of its monsoon offerings, Alumil India, the fully owned Indian subsidiary of Alumil Group, one of the world’s pioneers in the design and manufacturing of high-quality architectural aluminium systems, has produced watertight windows to protect homes from rain. With its simple design that maximises natural light and offers clear vistas, the new offering redefines standards of contemporary architectural solutions. The product is offered in the Supreme and Smartia lines.

High-grade aluminium, which is widely known for its strength and resilience to weather, is used in the product’s design, along with efficient sealing mechanisms that keep out water intrusion even during periods of intense downpour. Seals and weather stripping surrounding the frames receive extra care to guarantee a tight fit and little air leakage, which also aids in keeping water out. In addition, the design makes it easier for rainfall to drain effectively away from building materials and window frames, which lowers the possibility of leaks and water damage. During storms, the waterproof windows offer extra security and safety since they are designed to withstand damage from debris carried by strong winds.

The product has been verified and tested to tolerate strong wind loads, which are typical in some areas during the monsoon season. More significantly, Alumil products highlight long-term durability and low maintenance two essential qualities in monsoon-prone areas where regular weather exposure can erode lower-quality materials.

The customisable designs also come with a variety of handle styles, opening configurations, and locking points. The system’s smooth sliding operation, improved security features, and capacity to accommodate huge glass surfaces with thin sightlines all contribute to its user-friendliness. Superior thermal performance is ensured by the system’s capacity to accommodate double and triple glazing choices, which lowers energy consumption and promotes environmental sustainability. Its essential characteristics make it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial applications, including exceptional thermal insulation for excellent performance in water tightness, air permeability, wind resistance, and better energy efficiency.

For more details, Visit : https://www.alumil.com/


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