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World of Concrete aims for sustainable Indian construction

World of Concrete aims for sustainable Indian construction

World of Concrete India (WoC India) proudly stands as the nation’s unique exhibition dedicated to the concrete industry.

Informa Markets in India, the nation’s premier exhibitions organiser, is preparing to host the 9th edition of the World of Concrete India (WOCI) show, Asia’s largest construction expo, from 18th to 20th October 2023 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. World of Concrete India (WoC India) proudly stands as the nation’s unique exhibition dedicated to the concrete industry, serving as the Indian counterpart to the renowned World of Concrete Las Vegas.

The event will unite over 10,000 industry professionals and 200+ global exhibitors, showcasing cutting-edge products, technologies, and innovations that are reshaping the concrete industry. The exhibition spotlights a wide range of products and technologies across the concrete, masonry, construction, and related equipment sectors, fostering knowledge exchange among architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and project managers.

With its central theme focusing on innovation and sustainability, World of Concrete India 2023 spanning three business days, provides a vital platform for showcasing cutting-edge concrete technologies, equipment, and industry-shaping innovations. It also features a comprehensive three-day knowledge forum and conference addressing emerging trends, including digitalisation and precast construction. Attendees can look forward to the unveiling of a white paper on ‘AI in Construction Projects’, CEO and CTO discussions on industry challenges, and recognition of milestone achievements and excellence in real estate and infrastructure through awards. Additionally, there are numerous components like product launches, showcases, masterclasses, B2B meetings, and specialised pavilions for waterproofing and dry mortar. Together, these elements create a comprehensive and enlightening event, promoting product presentation, trend exploration, and celebration of excellence within the construction sector.

To address the anticipation, Informa Markets in India convened an exclusive pre-event press conference today at the Four Seasons, Mumbai today. This preview event provided a dynamic platform for key stakeholders, government representatives, and media personnel to delve deep into India’s construction industry’s potential, casting a spotlight on the pre-eminence of western India in the domain.

The event’s high-powered dignitary list featured prominent figures such as Nilotpol Kar, Managing Director, Sika India; V N Heggade, Founder DECon Complete Solutions & Former Executive Director Gammon Engineers & Contractors Pvt Ltd; Aniruddha Nakhawa,  Honorary Secretary, Builders Association of India,  Mumbai Centre; Dr Vishal R. Thombare,  Executive Engineer Roads, BMC & Chairman, Indian Concrete Institute; Alok Ranjan, Partner, Tauran Advisors; Mandar Chitre, Director & Founder, Drycotec Drymotor Association; Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, Informa Markets in India, and Rajneesh Khattar, Senior Group Director, Informa Markets in India. They engaged in thought-provoking discussions about future construction trends, challenges, industry needs, and insights into sustainable products within India’s burgeoning construction market, while encouraging the use of innovative and sustainable building technologies that foster growth benefiting both businesses and the planet.

Emphasising carbon neutrality and sustainable infrastructure, Vishal Thombre, Executive Engineer Roads, BMC & Chairman, Indian Concrete Institute says, “Our innovative design, incorporating mono-piles for sustainability, ensures our structures can last a century. By incorporating by-products from various industries, we reduce carbon emissions by up to 60 to 65 percent. Concrete roads have become synonymous with durability, low maintenance, and fewer potholes. The introduction of utility ducts for streamlined trenching facilitates swift repairs without traffic disruption. At the World of Concrete Expo 2023, we will showcase proven technologies that expedite construction, reducing both time and costs.”

Emphasising on environmental sustainability, V N Heggade, Founder DECon Complete Solutions & Former Executive Director Gammon Engineers & Contractors Pvt Ltd says, “In the midst of a robust ₹ 111 lakh crore infrastructure drive, spanning vital sectors like Energy, Roads, Urban Infrastructure, and Railways, we’re confronted by the urgent issue of climate change. Our capital outlay and key initiatives, including PM Gati Shakti and the ‘India-Saudi Arabia-Europe’ corridor, drive this growth. Yet, we must also address our environmental impact, as India contributes 2.5 billion tons of CO2 equivalent, with the construction sector alone responsible for 40 percent, fueled by materials like Cement, Steel, and Aluminum. India’s pledge to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2070, guided by ‘Panchamrita,’ emphasises our duty to align progress with environmental sustainability. Together, at the World of Concrete India Expo, we navigate the junction of infrastructure development and climate action.”

Sharing his insights Nilotpol Kar, Managing Director, Sika India says, “Concrete, the second most consumed man-made material globally, is key to our infrastructure. India, with its extensive use of fly ash, cement, and slag, stands as one of the largest consumers of these materials. India can produce up to 150 MTA mega Pascal strength concrete. These achievements deserve recognition, and World of Concrete India 2023 provides the ideal platform to showcase India’s capabilities and fosters skill development, crucial in a nation of 1.4 billion. From showcasing unique technologies to addressing waterproofing and high-performance concrete, this event is pivotal in India’s construction industry.”

Aniruddha Nakhawa, Honorary Secretary, Builders Association of India (Mumbai Centre) stated, “We’re dedicated to enhancing the construction industry’s societal role, focusing on carbon neutrality, sustainable concrete, and durable infrastructure. While we face challenges, we see enormous potential for growth and skill development. Our ambitious aim is to achieve 40 to 50 percent skilling in construction, making India an exporter of skilled labour. This aligns with our Prime Minister’s vision, and a 50 percent increase in industry-wide skilling will be transformative. As we gather at the World of Concrete India2023, it becomes evident that this platform plays a pivotal role in fostering such transformative goals and innovations within the construction industry.”

Highlighting the role of AI in the Construction sector, Alok Ranjan, Partner, Tauran Advisors says, “India’s infrastructure development presents a remarkable opportunity, driven by government initiatives and investments. Just 20 percent of the needed 2050 infrastructure exists today, posing both a challenge and a chance for the construction industry. AI, a long-standing technology, now becomes accessible to all, thanks to innovations like generative AI. In the process-driven construction sector, AI is set to revolutionise various project phases, despite initial challenges. As we convene at World of Concrete India, AI’s potential impact across the project lifecycle highlights the transformative role it can play in construction.”

Commenting on the anticipation for WOC India 2023, Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, Informa Markets in India, states, “In this era of adaptability, World of Concrete India 2023 champions innovation and sustainable building technologies, driving growth that benefits both businesses and the planet. The government’s substantial investment in infrastructure and affordable housing. The completion of numerous projects under initiatives like AMRUT and Smart City Mission underscores our sector’s potential. Additionally, proactive steps such as utilising the Urban Infrastructure Development Fund (UIDF) for Tier 2 and Tier 3 city development and injecting INR 75,000 Crores into critical transportation projects, are propelling connectivity and industry advancement.

Mandar Chitre, Director & Founder of Drycotec Drymotor Association, highlighted “the urgency for factory-produced mortars, stating, “The shortage of skilled masons is a significant challenge within the concrete industry, and Factory Made Mortars provide a viable solution. This innovation directly addresses the pressing issue of the mason shortage by eliminating on-site mixing, reducing errors, and preventing costly repairs. The industry is enthusiastically adopting this change, leading to substantial growth in ready mortar manufacturers. This emerging sector plays a vital role in our journey towards Net Zero by minimising consumption in rework and repairs.”

World of Concrete India 2023, with its salient features and robust support from partners and associations, aligns with India’s mission to enhance urban infrastructure, making it a significant milestone in India’s construction journey,” he adds.

India’s Thriving Construction Landscape

India’s construction market, poised to reach a staggering $1.4 trillion by 2025, stands as one of the world’s largest contributors, employing over 51 million individuals and contributing 9 percent to the nation’s GDP. It encompasses a broad spectrum of construction domains, including industrial, residential, commercial, infrastructural, institutional, and energy and utilities construction. Real estate and infrastructure projects fuel these facets, while technological advancements such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionise the industry. Simultaneously, sustainable construction materials like fly ash and recycled plastic waste take precedence.

A remarkable experience awaits participants at the expo, contributing to the future of sustainable energy in India.


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