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SDLG launches mini excavators in Indonesia

SDLG launches mini excavators in Indonesia

SDLG unveiled two compact excavators E660FL and E690F on July 16 in Jakarta, Indonesia to support the country’s construction and agricultural growth. The company said in a statement that the excavators are designed to adapt to a wide range of working conditions while delivering fast and efficient performance.

In 2018, Indonesia’s construction industry grew by 6.1% and is expected to see healthy growth through 2023, according to Global Data, a market research firm. The country is expected to see growth in urban construction and agriculture, which the Indonesian government has listed as one of the five national priorities.

“With continued urbanization in Indonesia, companies need versatile machines that can work within the tight space constraints of urban construction. But they also need machines that can excel in other applications,” said Aldrin Johar Nurdin, SDLG business manager in Indonesia. “The E660FL and E690F may be small but they are mighty for landscaping, excavating, demolishing and material handling in cities or on farms.”

The six ton-rated E660FL is powered by a 38.3 kW engine and has a bucket capacity of 0.22 cu. m. The compact excavator features a reinforced four-valve structure and multistate air intake filter to provide reliable performance in a wide range of climates and environment.

The nine t-rated E690F is powered by a 54.1 kW engine, has a bucket capacity of 0.34 m3 and a maximum excavation force of 60 kN. Ideal for excavation of soil, sand, coal and waste, the E690F makes a great addition for construction sites, farms and parks.

Both models are optionally available with X1 hydraulic function that allows hydraulic rock breakers and other attachments to be used with the machines. Hydraulic breakers are suited for breaking rocks, asphalt and other hard surfaces found in general construction applications. Rubber track pads are also available optionally allowing the units to work on asphalt or concrete without damaging the road surface.


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