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Cemeco buoys Portland cement with Instacem

Portland cement has been the widely-used binder by the civil and construction industry because of its familiarity, low cost and wider availability. While Portland cement has been the choice of builders and architects, it is not without limitations. Some of its known drawbacks are its slow setting nature, need for water curing and crack durability

Sleek Boards offers Laminated HDF Flooring from Finsa

Sleek Boards Marketing Services, a leading player in the building and construction industry is now offering pre-laminated HMR-grade HDF Flooring FINfloor from Finsa, Spain – a global leader in value-added pre-laminated engineered wood panels. FINfloor can be used in areas with a high footfall as it is available in Class 33 making it suitable for


Sleek Boards Marketing Services introduces world-class accessories from Athmer Sealing Systems in India necessary for optimum performance of a door. AthmerSeals help in achieving the key functionality of a door by bettering the privacy of sound function that every type of door should provide. Athmer is a world-renowned company, producing automatic door seals and perimeter

Rains no more a pain with MagicBlox

Every house is constructed with the best care and materials, although, sometimes this could go wrong and leave you worrying on a rainy day. Come monsoon and the trouble of water seepage begins. This could lead to a major damage in the walls of your home and destroy the beauty of it. If you go