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Sans Souci reveals new design direction

Leading designer of lighting installations unveils 15 new product designs including remarkable collaborations with William Sawaya and Karim Rashid Sans Souci, leading designer and producer of glass and lighting installations, has unveiled its latest portfolio with an ambitious new direction for the brand. The new design concept is focused on finding the beauty and innovation […]

Smart and intelligent lights with minimal and sleek details

Shivam Dewan, Founder of Rosha, talks about important aspects of lighting in interior spaces. Interior design heavily relies on lighting as it can instantly transform a space’s appearance. Good lighting can turn a room into a stylish, magazine-worthy area. That’s why lighting is considered a worthwhile investment for home décor enthusiasts. Table lamps are an […]

A grand lighting design elevates the interiors

Jiri Krisica, Head of Designs at Sans Souci, speaks about lighting effects in creating the desired ambience. Several aspects must be considered when creating an impressive interior design with lighting. The process begins with assessing the building and current space design. This involves analysing the natural light during the day and the desired atmosphere that […]

K-Lite Industries: A Leading Manufacturer of LED Luminaires for the Rail Industry in India

“LED luminaires are tailored to fit the design and aesthetics with quality assurance.” K-Lite Industries, located in Chennai, has over forty years of association with Indian Railways and is a leading manufacturer of LED luminaires for the rail industry in India. With the Indian Railways being the fourth-largest network worldwide, spanning a 67368-kilometre route and […]

Transforming Environments, One Light at a Time

Innovative Lighting Design Limited (ILDL) recently introduced a range of their newly launched decorative lighting products by Brokis and architectural lighting products by Folio, designed to illuminate the world and transform environments #OneLightAtATime. A Czech premium lighting brand, Brokis stands for the synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass […]

Sans Souci launches a spectacular new collection

Sans Souci, a Czech designer and producer of architectural and lighting installations, introduces an outstanding new collection called ‘Genesis’ for the first time in India. Sans Souci is an extraordinary Czech designer and producer of glass lighting and architectural installations, as well as a skilled glassmaker who combines high-quality heritage craftsmanship with innovation, realising its […]

K-LITE Introduces LED Landscape – Redefined

The Essence of lighting is one of the most important things in our lives. At K-Lite we are passionate about creating a distinctive atmosphere that improves the quality of life in the cities and towns by exploring the many potential facets of lighting that supports the well-being and safety of all. Founded in 1977 in […]

Rosha Launches a Chic Luxury Table Lamp

Rosha India is a new-age lighting solutions brand, with a range of new-age, contemporary products that bring in the perfect blend of artful designs, elegance, – innovation, and functionality. The Indian brand, which has been creating waves in the market with its unique offerings, has added another feather to its cap, introducing a minimalist cordless […]