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Home elevators with an aesthetic perspective

Vimal Babu Founder & CEO Nibav Lifts talks about the redefined elevator technology, seamlessly integrating accessibility, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility. Can you provide an overview of NIBAV’s journey to becoming a manufacturer of premier home lifts known for quality and safety? Introduced to the industry in 2002, Nibav is a pioneer in manufacturing patented pneumatic-driven […]

Elevating high-rise elevator efficiency

“Efficiency in high-rise elevator systems begins with meticulous analysis and accurate modelling, considering building dynamics, population, and peak demands. The right choice of the group control system, elevator capacity, and speed ensures seamless and efficient operation.” Manish Mehan, MD and CEO, TK Elevator India. India, the second most populated country in the world, is experiencing […]

Enhancing airport mobility with TK Elevator’s innovative solutions

Manish Mehan, CEO & MD of TK Elevator India, discusses the importance of smart and energy-efficient airport elevators. How do elevators and escalators help effectively manage passengers in an airport? As air traffic and passenger volumes increase, smart and energy-efficient elevators are more important than ever to ensure efficient, dependable, and energy-saving airport mobility at […]

TK Elevator’s “MAX” is a revolutionary predictive maintenance system

The market-leading presence of TK Elevator across Asia Pacific demonstrates high-performing, and reliable solutions to large-scale infrastructure projects.” Manish Mehan, CEO & MD, TK Elevator India. India is witnessing a significant surge in large-scale metro project investments, particularly in tier-1 and tier-2 cities, to serve India’s transportation and development demands as cities urbanise. Furthermore, India […]

Elevators Operating on Gearless Technology

TK Elevator expands low-rise, value-for money offerings in India with the launch of gearless technology powered enta100 GL. In line with its industry leading position in innovation, technology, and sustainability, TK Elevator recently launched its enta100 GL elevator in India, targeting the low-rise, value for- money market to bolster its existing offerings in the country. […]