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Diamond dowel improves material efficiency, lowers labour costs, and provides crack-free flooring

Jagdeep Singh Bhalla, founder of JBA Concrete Solutions discusses the latest concrete solutions and their unique features in an exclusive interaction. How do you look at the need and demand for customised concrete flooring? There is a strong demand for customised concrete floors; conventional concrete finishing methods are no longer used. People are now prepared […]

World of Concrete India 2022 to Facilitate and Bolster India’s Construction & Infrastructure Evolution to US$1.4 trillion by FY 2024-25

India is expected to become the third-largest construction market globally in 2022 with  WOC India Expo 2022 to attract more than 150 + Exhibitors and 7,000 + Trade visitors over the 3-days. Key sessions at the WOC Expo include CEO Finance Panel, Showcasing iconic projects, Challenges in the Concrete and Mortar Segment, Precast concrete, Waterproofing, […]

We have a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective & innovative building solutions

RDC Concrete has a wide range of product portfolio for providing high-quality tailor-made solutions for various needs. A smart city needs to be energy-efficient, sustainable with eco-friendly features, says Anil K Banchhor, Managing Director & CEO, RDC Concrete. When it comes to the construction of infrastructure for Metro Rail, what quality and grade of concrete […]

Soundproofing and temperature control mandates the need for insulated concrete

From residential buildings to a plethora of industries, the use of insulated concrete has broadened says Anil K Banchhor, Managing Director & CEO, RDC Concrete. What kind of projects can be designed using insulated concrete? The need of incorporating soundproofing and temperature control features in construction of buildings&industries has increased over the decades. Many builders […]

Building better runways

Quality material and equipment make airport runways durable in line with future development goals and traffic projections. Runway is a rectangular area of an aerodrome prepared for the landing and take-off of aircraft. Being the most critical part of an airfield, strengh and durability plays a crucial role in determining safety. An accident on a […]

Quality concrete gives stronger roads

For higher quality of concrete, taking precautions while choosing the raw material is crucial for sustainable road building. High quality concrete is essential for road construction as roads are dedicatedly used for heavy and light vehicular movement. The quality of concrete is achieved by attending following precautions. The raw material used for quality concrete i.e. […]

Modern infra calls for taller, leaner structures

Metros and Railways There are a lot of ambitious infrastructures projects under execution in our country and RDC Concrete has many solutions to offer to such projects. Reach of metro rails is extending with each year passing by and RDC is contributing its expansion majorly by providing three specific solutions. i.e. RDC Fastrackcrete, RDC Toughcrete […]

High-quality concrete innovations

Sand-free products are a solution to the ever-rising problem of procuring quality sand. The construction industry is one of the booming industries. The advancements in construction and the usage of high-end technologies are significantly helping the construction professionals find solutions for many day-to-day problems. Most parts of India are facing acute crisis of sand, humans […]