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Modern infra calls for taller, leaner structures

Modern infra calls for taller, leaner structures

Metros and Railways
There are a lot of ambitious infrastructures projects under execution in our country and RDC Concrete has many solutions to offer to such projects. Reach of metro rails is extending with each year passing by and RDC is contributing its expansion majorly by providing three specific solutions. i.e. RDC Fastrackcrete, RDC Toughcrete and RDC Supercrete. All three solutions have a wide-range of applications. The special characteristics of all three products are as follows.

RDC Fastrackcrete
RDC Fastrackcrete is a concrete specially designed to achieve high compressive strengths at very early age of precast segments construction in order to expedite the construction process and reduce the project duration by quite a margin. It is done by carefully selecting the ingredients and their of the concrete to achieve high rate of reaction without leaving any adverse effect on the concrete. New generation superplasticizers and accelerating additives are used in order to achieve strengths as high as 20 Mpa within 12 hours of casting. These precast segments can be made before hand offsite and can be erected on site at a very fast rate later on.

RDC Toughcrete
As the name suggests, RDC toughcrete is designed to withstand the test of time and adverse exposure conditions to achieve the high service life of the structures. In design stage of any structure, durability and life cycle cost is finally getting the importance in the industry it deserved. Concrete has huge part to play in this whole scenario and keeping that in mind RDC has created RDC Toughcrete. Ingredients are selected to provide high resistance against water penetration, chloride penetration and other chemical attacks from surrounding environment which ultimately leads to increase life of the structure and paves path for sustainability.

RDC Supercrete
RDC Supercrete is another value-added solution developed in-house, capable of achieving massive ultimate compressive strengths. In today’s time, when availability of space is a concern in cities, structures with minimum cross sections are quite helpful and it can be achieved by using of RDC Supercrete. RDC Supercrete demonstrates high performance in terms of compressive strengths which enables the designers to build taller yet lean structures. It is capable of taking heavy static as well as dynamic loading caused by moving trains very effectively. Compression resistance can be achieved as high as 100 MPa and densely packed micro pore structure provides the added benefit of increase in durability. It is basically a boon for modern infrastructure that calls for innovative sleek designs with maximum space utilisation.

Authored by:
Anil K. Banchhor,
Managing Director and CEO,
RDC Concrete India Pvt Ltd


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