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Delta and ISHRAE launches innovative IAQ solutions

Delta Electronics India, a leading provider of IoT-based smart energy-saving solutions, in collaboration with ISHRAE, recently launched Delta’s latest breakthroughs in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions. These IAQ solutions, which include BLDC Motored Energy Recovery Ventilators, Fresh Air Supply Fans, and Ventilation Fans all featuring our proprietary DC brushless motor technology, have received recognition as […]

New and securer Global Software Ecosystem announced by 75F

75F Announces Novus ES, a new and more Secure Global Software Ecosystem Customers received Novus upgrades over the air for enhanced security, user experience improvements, customisation tools, and more. 75F, the leader in IoT-based building automation, today announced the successful over-the-air deployment of a new and more secure global software ecosystem, Novus ES. Novus is […]

Sustainability and smart efficiency in high-rise buildings with 75F

Nishant Nishoo VP- Sales of 75F, talks about how cutting-edge technologies, like those developed by 75F, empower high-rise buildings with sustainable energy solutions, shaping a greener, more efficient future for us all. How does 75F integrate sustainable practices into its systems and solutions for high-rise buildings? At 75F, we prioritise sustainability by focusing on the […]

Customised ventilation system designs using Gravent Natural Ventilators

Ventilation System Design for Gravent is an accurate, first-principles-based method that considers the sensible heat load in the building. Gravent ventilators can be used to achieve natural ventilation in industrial buildings. This involves air movement induced by pressure differentials between the inside and outside of the building. The pressure differentials are caused by a temperature […]

We provide green and fire-safe solutions for sustainable buildings

Mahesh Kumar, Business Head- Marketing & HVAC Systems UP Twiga, talks about their wide range of products and their plans for business expansion. What industries and segments do UP Twiga Insulation supply its fibreglass insulation in? UP Twiga Insulation supplies Glass wool insulation to various industries and segments such as Air-conditioning, Acoustics, Buildings, transportation, including […]

HVAC Industry aims to reach $30 billion by 2030

ACREX India lays out Roadmap for an Impressive USD 30 billion by FY 2030 for HVAC Industry. ISHRAE – The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers in partnership with Informa Markets in India announced the 22nd Edition of ACREX India, South Asia’s largest exhibition on Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, and Intelligent Buildings. […]

Pragmatic approach and exceptional precision

Ramachandran of Pragmatic HVAC Engineers Pvt. Ltd. speaks about the challenges faced in installing and maintaining HVAC systems in high-rise buildings and their customer service. What challenges are encountered in installing and maintaining HVAC systems in high-rise buildings? India is one of the largest populated countries in the world. According to Socio-economic growth along with […]

IoT to lead way for HVAC

Effective adaptive cooling comfort for airports can be attained at higher temperatures,combine with advanced air movement velocities. Today, aviation has a crucial role to play in transportation of goods as well passenger travel for business and leisure. The Indian aviation industry grew by 18.6 per cent in the year 2018 with 13.9 crores of domestic […]

Rise in cooling demand calls for smart solutions

HVAC systems consume about 40-50 per cent of energy in buildings, and even a minimum saving of energy in the system contributes to the optimisation of building. The majority of power needs of the country are being met by thermal power plants running on coal leading to higher particulate emissions resulting in air pollution. Nearly, […]