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Rise in cooling demand calls for smart solutions

Rise in cooling demand calls for smart solutions

HVAC systems consume about 40-50 per cent of energy in buildings, and even a minimum saving of energy in the system contributes to the optimisation of building. The majority of power needs of the country are being met by thermal power plants running on coal leading to higher particulate emissions resulting in air pollution. Nearly, 20 per cent of the power generated is lost during the transmission and distribution before reaching the end user.

With the rise in cooling demand, most of the buildings opt for electrical air-conditioning systems which leave an adverse effect on the environment due to the ozone-depleting refrigerants adding on to issues like climate change and global warming, says B.Venkatesh, Global Head – Absorption Cooling Business, Thermax Ltd.

The ever-increasing population and urbanisation will result in more and more buildings, thus creating more demand for cooling solutions in buildings. Cooling demand is expected to double to reach 60 million TR in the next five years hence, the rise of adverse effects on the environment. This exponential growth in demand and the need to tackle adverse effects, high-efficiency environmental solutions are in the look.

Use of natural refrigerants, captive power generation through gas and waste heat recovery systems are right solutions that eliminate the environmental threat facing the future generations. Poly generation using gas engines to meet the energy needs of the building is the most effective solution to reduce the adverse effect of pollution and global warming, adds Venkatesh.

Energy-efficient cooling solutions
Absorption chillers using water and ammonia as refrigerants are the most suitable solution to mitigate the harmful effects of CFC/HCFC refrigerants. The waste heat recovered from engines or low-grade heat generated by solar panels can serve as the energy source for these absorption chillers. Usage of geo-sinks to reject heat is an ideal alternative to cooling towers which require a high volume of water or air-cooled systems that consume a large amount of power.

Eco-friendly cooling and heating solutions in operation not only ensure the efficiency and optimisation of buildings but also reduce the operational costs. helping customers achieve higher performance and profitability, says Venkatesh.

Easy installation, low noise emissions
BITZER has been offering climate-friendly, energy efficient solutions for a whole host of applications for centuries. “A very flexible solution for the HVAC industry is the ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT series enabling users to meet the strictest energy-efficiency standards. ORBIT+ with line start permanent magnet motor boosts scroll chiller and heat pump system efficiency. The economiser operation of ORBIT FIT (flexible injection technology) enlarges the application envelope and increases capacity as well as efficiency. All ORBIT series can be used with BITZER,” says Harvinder Bhatia, Managing Director, BITZER India.

Low cost enhances system economy
BITZER advanced header technology (BAHT) guarantees proper compressor lubrication and reduces costs, increasing overall system economy. All series are suitable for A1 refrigerants like R410A as well as for the low-GWP A2L refrigerants R454B, R452B and R32. Besides, ORBIT compressors are easy to install, compact in size and have very low noise emissions.

Apart from products using low-GWP refrigerants, another great possibility to reduce energy costs are frequency inverter driven solutions. Like this, users can smoothly adjust a compressor’s capacity to meet the actual requirements and save energy. If the motor is controlled by a frequency inverter, frequency of the starting current and thus the speed of the motor can be adapted to the required refrigerating capacity. If less energy is required at certain points in the process, the frequency inverter can adjust the electrical frequency and slow the motor down. This ensures engine consumes only the energy the process needs at the moment. The CSV series is such a solution.

The CSW105 is a unique innovation in the field of compact screw compressors. This series can be used with R134a, R513A, R450A, R1234yf and R1234ze (E) for improved energy efficiency. CSW105 boasts high cooling capacities of up to 1,500 kW in water-cooled chillers while relying on mechanical capacity regulation. The series offers displacements of up to 2,000 cu.m per hour at 50 Hz. Its integrated electronic IQ module operates the compressor functions and simplifies the integration into the chiller control.

Challenge of ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air and catering to the idea of comfort of hundreds of individuals, all within a building’s envelope, adds to the level of difficulty in creating sustainable and cost- effective high-rise building, says Partha Sen, Marketing Head, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited.

While ‘energy efficiency’, ‘environment conservation’, ‘green building’ and ‘smart cities’ having already become the new buzz words in the global scenario since a long time, the Indian HVAC industry has also started working towards incorporating these into their designs and products while ensuring proper ventilation and thermal comfort. Well oriented envelop design ensures the energy efficiency and optimisation of the equipment selection for HVAC systems.

Energy efficient performance with premium looks
Hitachi introduced new SET-FREE Sigma (∑) Series. Named after the Mathematical symbol “∑” which stands for the combined strengths of Johnson Controls and Hitachi VRF Technologies, this series has been designed with global expertise especially for the Indian climate and consumers. It offers higher energy efficiency, engineered aesthetics, enhanced strengths, compact design, compact cooling and heating. Hence, with least energy wastage, maximal capacity in minimalistic floor space, SET FREE-Sigma Series gives energy-efficient performance combined with premium looks. In light commercial packaged air conditioners, Hitachi has also introduced ToushiDuctable Air Conditioners, Flexi Split ACs and 8 new models of Cassette ACs.

Proper ventilation and thermal comfort
Hitachi’s Screw Chillers (air and water) and Centrifugal Chiller Series with eco-friendly refrigerant offer most energy efficient cooling solutions. Its impressive performance coupled with precise and continuous capacity control technology, user friendly LCD touch panel and high performance compressor, provides cooling with low noise and low vibrations which is ideal for industrial and commercial purposes.

Hitachi not only aims to increase the comfort of its consumers by ensuring proper ventilation and thermal comfort in high-rise buildings but also improves human lifestyle with energy efficient, eco-friendly and smart products, says Sen.

Besides products using low-GWP refrigerants, energy costs can also be reduced by frequency inverter-driven solutions.
Harvinder Bhatia, Managing Director BITZER India

User-friendly LCD touch panel and high performance compressor provide cooling with low noise and low vibrations.
Partha Sen, Marketing Head, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited

The ever-increasing population and urbanisation will result in more and more buildings,thus creating more demand for cooling solutions in buildings.
B. Venkatesh, Global Head – Absorption Cooling Business, Thermax Ltd


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