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Turning cities into works of art

Turning cities into works of art

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PEWIN) plans to enhance its lighting business towards 2030, aiming to be India’s No.1 lighting company. The cloud-based lighting control system, a new technology challenge, enables simultaneous remote control of lighting fixtures in multiple locations over a wide area through the customer experience, leading to an increase in the real estate value of the town. The web application was utilised to give users the experience of managing the lighting effects. This is the first time YOI-en (night festival in Japanese) technology has been implemented in Mumbai. Although it is still in the pilot stage of implementation in India, we have conducted numerous events of this type in Japan and were able to verify the potential demand this time around. We would like to look for more such ventures to make the city shine together with us in the future.” – Masato Miyamaru, Director Lighting business PEWIN, Panasonic Life Solutions India.

A transformation is underway in the heart of bustling cities and iconic structures. Panasonic, a pioneer in electrical technology, shapes how we perceive our urban environments. Join us on a journey through the world of architectural lighting and innovation.

The YOl-en revolution 

Imagine a town that comes alive every night, turning into a spectacle of colours and lights. YOl-en, a cloud-based service, connects lighting systems to the cloud, enabling remote control and light choreography across wide areas and multiple locations. In Powai, Mumbai, Panasonic, collaborating with the Hiranandani Group, has already created this vision, allowing mobile control of landmark buildings’ lighting systems.

YOl-en's unique features _ ACE

The future of urban lighting: YOl-en’s unique features

YOl-en not only brings aesthetics to life but also prioritises hygiene and wellness. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties set it apart in the market, ensuring that your city’s lights shine brightly while keeping public health in mind. With YOl-en’s global applicability and cloud integration, the possibilities for creative lighting displays are limitless.

From the Japan National Stadium, host of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to the TOKYO SKYTREE, the tallest structure in Japan, Panasonic has redefined urban illumination. Panasonic installed 1,300 stadium lights supporting 4K8K broadcasting in the National Stadium, setting new standards for international competitions. LED technology at TOKYO SKYTREE ensures visibility over a 20km radius, all while maintaining a non-dazzling environment.

Panasonic is working with Hiranandani Group in India to light up some important buildings at Powai during the end-of-year season. They’re using YOI-en to change the colours and patterns of the lights right from their mobile phones. This project, called Sparkle Powai, is a great example of collaboration between Panasonic’s teams in Japan and India.

YOI-en at Yokohama stadium 

YOI-en is for more than just streets and buildings. It’s also used at Yokohama Stadium for an event called ‘Ballpark Fantasia.’ This system allows for advanced lighting control from a computer, making it easy to create large-scale light displays across the city.

YOl-en's unique features _ ACE

During normal days, YOI-en works as regular streetlights. But on special occasions, it becomes a tool for dynamic light shows. It can even change colours to match people’s clothes in photo booths, thanks to its connection with cameras and gesture-based controls.

Tokyo Skytree 

Tokyo Skytree is another landmark that uses innovative lighting. In 2012, it pioneered the use of LED lights on a large scale. A big update in 2020 made its lights visible from 20km away without being too bright up close. Panasonic’s team carefully planned each light fixture’s placement, ensuring a perfect lighting design.

Since 1918, Panasonic has been at the forefront of electrical technology. As part of Panasonic Corporation’s infrastructure division, Electric Works Company leads in developing electrical facilities, including wiring devices, HEMS/BEMS-related products, and lighting. With a strong global presence, Electric Works Company aims to expand its sales ratio outside Japan, focusing on India’s key markets.

Panasonic Electric Works India, part of Panasonic Life Solutions India, takes charge of the electrical construction materials business. With seven manufacturing facilities within India, including the state-of-the-art Sri City plant, the company offers comprehensive solutions beyond wiring devices, including energy management and air-related products. Their holistic approach aligns with the diverse needs of the local market.

For more info visit: https://lsin.panasonic.com/manufacture.html


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