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Towering over high-rise structures

The growth of demand in different sectors such as real estate, affordable housing, precast construction, civil infrastructure and industrial construction drives the demand for energy efficient and more advanced tower cranes. Tower cranes are valuable assets of a construction company since they make the process easier productive and efficient. Tower cranes not only aid in […]

Improving equipment effectiveness in large projects

Machine uptime, efficiency depends upon the way it is used and maintained. Access equipment comes in diverse types which have specific features that make them more or less desirable for different applications. They are generally used for temporary, flexible access purposes such as maintenance and construction work. The key difference is in the drive mechanism […]

Building better runways

Quality material and equipment make airport runways durable in line with future development goals and traffic projections. Runway is a rectangular area of an aerodrome prepared for the landing and take-off of aircraft. Being the most critical part of an airfield, strengh and durability plays a crucial role in determining safety. An accident on a […]


Right equipment enables quick and efficient access to height for facilitating smooth functioning of round-the-clock operations. Access equipment comes into consideration where the work is at the height. Boom lifts, man lifts, scissor lifts, vertical mast, push around, etc are such access equipment which are used extensively and enhance operations at railway and metro stations. […]

Adequate usage improves machine efficiency

Maintenance, operating procedures and crisp coordination should be integral to operations at work site. When a design of a building grows much taller than before, the growing height of building creates challenges of vertical delivery in efficiency, safety and cost. To overcome these challenges, researchers and engineers are implementing latest technologies and management plans to […]

Machine monitoring information helps save time and money

Thanks to the current infrastructure push to build smarter cities on the back of government’s increasing focus and spending on the same, Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) is witnessing rise in demand for its equipment. The company aims to continue providing fuel-efficient products that aid productivity, according to Dimitrov Krishnan, Vice President and Head of Volvo […]

Sturdy structures imperative to meet worksite challenges

Hyundai Construction Equipment has been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations and product augmentations. Hyundai’s machines have been developed keeping in mind the structural robustness that is required to meet the challenges of the worksites, says Anup Nair, VP and Business Head, Hyundai Construction Equipment India Pvt Ltd. With emerging smart cities, […]

Increasing uptime of concrete equipment

Planned maintenance is very beneficial for increasing equipment uptime to its optimum level as well as the cost impact. The current momentum on infrastructure projects has spurred activity in off-take concrete equipment like batching plants, truck mixers and concrete pumps. Prospects for the growth of concrete equipment in India over the next few years are […]