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The exemplary and visionaries winners of the 2023 World Architecture Festival

Architects are crafting the future of our built environment

Made in India Liquiclear for sustainable water treatment

Liquiclear technologies looks promising for innovation and efficiency.

Cutting-edge uPVC solutions for sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyles

Sudhakar Profiles, showcased their commitment to sustainability and innovation through their UPVC profiles and windows at ACETECH 2023.

A decade of innovation illuminating every space

Häfele's Loox Range offers solutions that prioritise simplicity, flexibility, and reliability.

Everest completes another state-of-the-art warehouse project

Everest's Nahar Industrial warehouse is marking a milestone in Industrial construction.

Lucknow Income Tax Headquarters is redefining urban architecture

IT Headquarters for the Lucknow government stands as a striking architectural landmark, embodying innovation and sustainability.

The immersive architecture of the hotel in Bodh Gaya

the Hotel in Bodh Gaya is a testament to Buddhism's historical roots in India.

Designing spaces to inspire young minds

For the children's development, the environment plays an important role in shaping their minds

Nature-inspired elegance in Noida’s Luxe Clubhouse

Harmonious blend of luxury and nature where residents can find refuge and connection in the heart of urban living.

A tranquil architectural escape amidst Mumbai’s urban pulse

A tranquil architectural escape amidst Mumbai's urban pulse by Zen World.