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Saint-Gobain and Pratham Foundation opens training centre in Latur

Saint-Gobain Gyproc India is happy to announce that it has expanded its relationship with the Pratham Foundation by establishing a third training institute in Latur, Maharashtra.

Exquisite facade solutions with natural resilience and expert guidance

This interaction focuses on the stonelam’s natural façade, sharing how nature can enhance the product’s beauty and make it long-lasting.

CAD software enhances precision for PEB structural resilience

This interaction delves into the PEB sector as their solutions provide long-term safety and performance, catering to the evolving needs of modern construction while prioritising durability and occupant well-being.

KEI Conflame Green+ Next-Gen Living solutions

KEI Industries has launched the Next Gen Living eco-friendly solution, "KEI Conflame Green+," a groundbreaking house wire that embodies the company’s commitment to sustainability and safety in eco-friendly electrical solutions.

Window Magic uPVC Windows superior sealing and pollutant protection

This interaction delves into the notion of uPVC windows and doors, highlighting advances that protect homes from exterior contaminants and improve internal air quality to unprecedented levels.

Wired systems to BLE technology in smart home lighting design

This interaction states the importance of lights in enhancing the space's visual appeal and aesthetics that changes the landscape of modern lighting design.

Illuminate homes responsibly with LED lights

This interaction delves into LED lights' capabilities and eco-friendly composition, proving their place as the top choice for sustainable lighting solutions.

Preca presents advanced green concrete with fly ash and GGBS

This interaction delves into precast solutions that improve durability and sustainability by incorporating cutting-edge materials while addressing the industry's labour scarcity dilemma.

Powerful hydraulic rock and concrete breaking equipment for extreme conditions

This exclusive interaction with Nutech Hydraulics delves into their latest range of hydraulic splitters and combi tools, which has set a new standard in performance and durability.

Precast tech cuts timelines, boosts quality and saving

In today's bustling world, pursuing a residence that perfectly integrates cost-effectiveness with comfort is a common aspiration.