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Bent towards uPVC

An eco-friendly material that reduces forest cutting rate guards against environmental damage. The use of uPVC for windows and doors in structures like commercial buildings, residential apartments, hotels, hospitals, etc., is on an upsurge owing to a host of advantages uPVC offers. Now, people have options for window and door requirements wherein uPVC is one

Ceiling Lighting Ambience

Modern architecture considers function as well as design. It focuses on the emotional requirements of the user and stimulates the interaction between the people and their environment. durlum’s objective is to positively influence spaces through harmony of ceiling and light. As a manufacturer of innovative metal ceilings, lightings and daylight solutions, durlum works consistently to

Strong involvement by profile system providers to ensure growth

In its constant endeavour to make sustainable and smarter products, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited has come up with Smart Li – mobile-controlled smart window system. The breakthrough technology for fenestration industry enables the window receive information from weather to fire on phone, says Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies

Changing demographics, income trend driving demand

Rise in new housing construction activities is driving demand for uPVC windows and doors in India. Window Magic’s uPVC window and doors are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology that aptly meets the demands of rapidly developing smart cities for new generation. The energy-efficient products potentially save energy up to 25-30 per cent. In order to serve

IoL platform to give personalised user control

India is growing at a fast pace with urbanisation transforming the country. Lighting is important in urban development and helps cities and localities become safe and smart. New technologies in lighting are contributing immensely to make commercial and residential campuses and building stay safe, efficient and smart, says Anuj Dhir, Vice-President (C&I) Lighting Business, Wipro

Shift towards fully-integrated lighting for brighter infra

Pervading every area of an individual’s life – at home, work, on the road and in public places, lighting is pivotal in the development of smart cities. By 2030, there will be nearly 70 billion light points in the world, many of which will be connected – sensor nodes in networks capable of acquiring, sending

Designing close-knit lighting infrastructure

The concept of smart cities came into being as a consequential development to Internet of Things (IoT), digital connectivity, global warming and the compelling necessities for energy saving. Lighting has a key role to play in energy saving of these cities. Public lighting with LED can cut energy consumption to 50 per cent. Smart street

Modern spaces call for hygiene and durability

With great impetus given on sustainability and quality of products for more sustainable and aesthetically appealing flooring, Lioli Ceramica creates products that are technologically the most advanced in the world. TechnoSLAB – the flagship brand of the tile manufacturer – is offered in the largest format 3200 x 1600 mm (10.5 X 5.25 ft.) size.

Porcelain first-pick in luxury spaces for smooth finish

The design and development of housing and commercial structures in smart cities are critical in energy efficiency and conservation, and sustainability. For twenty-five years now, Classic Marble Company (CMC) has been creating building material products in the stones segment that are of supreme quality. “Our flagship brand – KalingaStone that makes engineered marble and quartz

Innovative lighting: illuminating streets via IoT

With a thrust on sustainability, urban infrastructure calls for smarter and more efficient systems, which has led to the concept of “Smart City”. Cities are hubs of diversity and innovation and can also become the source of solutions. A smart city is a city that allows real-world urban data to be collected and analysed by