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Green certification key to establishing ecological credentials

Government’s energy drive and increasing awareness about living greener has spurred movement towards green buildings. The eco-friendly buildings not just create environmental awareness but also make citizens more responsible towards conserving environment. Investment in green building development also helps transform the existing communities into socially responsible communities. Green buildings are emerging as wiser choice for

Woes of finance, digital security stare at smart cities

With increasing number of people migrating towards urban India, cities need better sanitation, transport, electricity supply, affordable housing, digitisation & IT connectivity, that has led to the ‘smart city’ concept. “Smart city infrastructure requires technological installations at various strategic locations for data capture or monitoring. Hence, the upkeep and safety of gadgets will always remain

Responsibility, resource efficiency to expedite project completion

Smart City is the trending buzzword these days. Simply put, a smart city is a city that employs technological advances to achieve better functioning and resource efficiency. The Smart City Mission – an urban renewal and retrofitting program by the government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi – has a mission to develop 100 cities across

Superior technology key to better planning, resource utilisation

India has launched an ambitious programme of developing futuristic smart cities that will improve the quality of life through systematic planning and effective service delivery. Smart cities seamlessly integrate all infrastructure and utilities, leveraging the tremendous reach of smart infrastructure and integrated technology. The innovative services and technologies used enhance performance and wellbeing, help reduce

Need to sync technology with infrastructure

The smart city concept can be an outline for implementing the vision of highly developed and modern urbanisation. It taps a range of approaches viz. urban planning best practices, public-private partnerships along with digital and information technologies. According to Manish Hissaria, Director, QuaLiX Information System LLP, different states are trying to nominate cities to get

Facilitating speedy yet safe construction

Smart city involves extensive construction with concrete as the mainstay. With this, comes the need for batching plant, concrete pumps, concrete transit mixers, concrete recycling plants, self-loading mixers. Additionally, it also becomes crucial to expedite construction with equipment that are safe yet productive like cranes, aerial work platform, etc., which will help the project site

Concrete for efficient, eco-friendly cities

With wide range of product portfolio, RDC Concrete is providing tailor-made solutions for various needs.Smart city needs to be energy efficient, sustainable with eco-friendly features, says Anil K. Banchhor, Managing Director and CEO, RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd. How do your products adding value to smart cities? We have Greencrete concrete of various grades up

Organised parking provides revenue-earning opportunity

Indian economy has made great strides in the last two decades leading to rapid urbanisation and growing affluence of its citizens. Consequently, the number of cars in cities has risen manifold. With increasing usage of vehicles, traffic jams and choked overcrowded city roads are a frequent sight in the current times. This is the result

Modern technologies fast-track construction, buoy efficiency

Technology is an essential building block for making a cities smart. According to Paul Wallett, Regional Director, Trimble Solutions – India and Middle East, developing smart and sustainable buildings or structures is perhaps one of the most important, but often understated aspect of creating smarter cities, which is now possible with modern construction technologies. How

Formwork that works well on repeat usage

Smart cities are cities with best infrastructure, be it physical or digital. MFE Formwork offers products that work quite well when the project offers repeat usage. “When you develop the project in cluster, it becomes much easier to achieve this purpose, and that is where our formwork comes into picture,” says Ketan Shah, Managing Director,