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Le Havre’s Cruise Terminal: A green and sustainable solution for development

Le Havre’s Green and Sustainable Infrastructure Project with Economic and Environmental Success. The development of the maritime cruise market represents an excellent opportunity for economic and tourist development in Le Havre and the Normandy region. The project is a great example of modern infrastructure, combining green and sustainable solutions with economic potential for Le Havre, […]

USGBC transforms sustainability in LEED-certified projects with digital innovation

Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan, Managing Director, APAC and Middle East, Green Business Certificate Institute (GBCI), speaks about sustainability measures in design and construction and shares his views on GBCI’s achievements. The LEED rating system of the U.S. Green Building Council is gaining momentum in India with its latest achievement of stepping up to the third position on […]

We aim to build a long-term resilience & Net Zero Future

In an exclusive interaction, Dr. Mala Singh, Founder & Director of PEC Greening India, elaborates on the importance and benefits of green initiatives under Green Budget 2023. Kindly share your opinion w.r.t need of decarbonisation and low carbon growth for developing and developed countries both. Governments and companies worldwide are pledging to achieve net-zero emissions […]

ETO Motors deploys three-wheeler EVs’ at the ‘Statue of Equality’ inaugurated by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in Hyderabad

ETO Motors EV were used to ferry the VIPs’ and key dignitaries to the event. One of India’s leading companies in electric mobility and services, ETO Motors added another feather-in-the-cap, when they deployed their State-of-the-art Trilux range of three-wheeler EVs’ at the high-profile inauguration of Saint Ramanuja’s ‘Statue of Equality’ by Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra […]

Earthy and Sustainable

Olde Bangalore designed by Biome Environmental Solutions showcases the prowess of a design approach which is both sustainable and enticing. “For me the thought process behind the project itself is the highlight. The fact that an eco-friendly project like this could be imagined in the outskirts of Bangalore by the client 17 years back is […]

PERI has consistently addressed complex challenges involved in metro projects

Hyderabad Metro, Mumbai Metro, Bengaluru metro, Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), Lucknow metro are some of the projects which have utilised our state-of-art formwork and scaffolding system says Raj Lakhani, Managing Director – PERI (India) Private Limited. When it comes to ongoing metro railway projects, they are either overhead or underground, keeping this in mind, […]

The health and well-being benefits of green buildings

As India is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, green certified buildings and facilities will provide tremendous health and well-being benefits apart from resource conservation says Mala Singh, Chairperson & MD – PEC Greening India. What has been the impact of Covid-19 on nature? As a result of coronavirus and restrictions imposed, we are seeing the benefits […]