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APL Apollo inveils India’s first rainproof integrated solar roofing solution: Inroof

APL Apollo Tubes and Ornate Solar announced their strategic partnership to design, engineer, build, and manufacture innovative structural solutions for India’s solar industry. The new venture would complement the existing business lines of both companies to leverage their shared expertise in structural steel engineering and solar energy to build integrated energy solutions that can redefine […]

High-performance concrete is critical for construction and roofing today

Zara P. Care showcased its chemical-resistant roof sheet, high-performance coatings designed to withstand explosive substances, chemical-resistant flooring, and fast flooring repair solutions at the exhibition. Participation and focus during the Roof India Expo At the Roof India Expo 2023, we seized the opportunity to address two specific segments as exhibitors. We looked into the user […]

How sustainable is the roofing business in India?

Leading experts across the roofing industry have shared their expertise on trending technologies and advancements in energy-efficient roofing solutions. India’s Roofing industry is gearing up for the next generation of ambitious projects. Developing infrastructure and Industrial segments are driving demand for roofing materials and solutions. There is a shift from conventional roofing systems to more […]

Corrugated roofing sheets are both functional and aesthetic appealing

Products and solutions offered under Charminar Charminar’s Fibre Cement Corrugated Roofing Sheets are the best-selling, first-choice durable roofing for rural and semi-rural markets. This product has led the segment for so long that it is now synonymous with Charminar. Coloured Fibre Cement sheets, an innovation in the roofing industry, were recently introduced. This novel concept […]

Green Materials and Solutions Gaining Traction in Roofing and Cladding Construction

Eco-friendly solutions are in high demand, driven by the growing construction sector and consumer demand. Additionally, pricing trends can significantly impact the demand for raw materials in the roofing industry, says Dharmendra Dhari, Skipper Blooms India. Can you tell us about the different energy-efficient roofing and cladding options for customers? Numerous energy-efficient and non-hazardous roofing […]

Building a world-class Aerospace manufacturing facility

Everest has repeatedly proved its mettle as a reliable partner for executing large projects with critical design and stringent timelines. Project brief for many reasons, Hyderabad’s world-class aerospace manufacturing facility is an aspirational project. Apart from the complexity involved in the design, this project forms a part of the “Make in India” revolution led by […]

Sika – Roofing solutions for all weather conditions

Lighting plays an integral role in beautifying and electrifying any place. Let’s check out the steps required while choosing lighting for hotels, retail, offices and residential spaces. The great challenge in the upcoming years is to remake our rapidly growing cities into structures that can stand up to environmental changes with residents that are healthier, […]