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Construction equipment on a tech ride

The leading experts across the construction equipment sector have shared their expertise, highlighting the latest technological advancements, eco-friendly practices and the challenges in the growing construction equipment market.  The India construction equipment market was valued at USD 6.66 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.0 […]

Let’s read the story of the guardians of a serene indoor oasis

The leading experts across the building envelope solution providers have shared their expertise and the latest advancements, propelling energy efficiency and sustainability to the forefront of architectural design. Building envelopes are of paramount importance in construction as they provide a protective shield, ensuring the separation of indoor and outdoor environments while safeguarding energy efficiency, structural […]

Delta and ISHRAE launches innovative IAQ solutions

Delta Electronics India, a leading provider of IoT-based smart energy-saving solutions, in collaboration with ISHRAE, recently launched Delta’s latest breakthroughs in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions. These IAQ solutions, which include BLDC Motored Energy Recovery Ventilators, Fresh Air Supply Fans, and Ventilation Fans all featuring our proprietary DC brushless motor technology, have received recognition as […]

New and securer Global Software Ecosystem announced by 75F

75F Announces Novus ES, a new and more Secure Global Software Ecosystem Customers received Novus upgrades over the air for enhanced security, user experience improvements, customisation tools, and more. 75F, the leader in IoT-based building automation, today announced the successful over-the-air deployment of a new and more secure global software ecosystem, Novus ES. Novus is […]

KONE’s innovative approach to elevator solutions in metro stations

Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevators India, speaks about emerging trends and challenges in the elevator industry for metro stations. How does KONE incorporate sustainability and environmental considerations into its elevator solutions for metro stations? A metro station is one of the most vital infrastructures– giving elevators a critical role in the movement of passengers. […]

Sustainability and smart efficiency in high-rise buildings with 75F

Nishant Nishoo VP- Sales of 75F, talks about how cutting-edge technologies, like those developed by 75F, empower high-rise buildings with sustainable energy solutions, shaping a greener, more efficient future for us all. How does 75F integrate sustainable practices into its systems and solutions for high-rise buildings? At 75F, we prioritise sustainability by focusing on the […]

Asia’s largest makeover city

Dharavi is one of the world’s largest slums & the largest urban renewal project in the world. The timeline of the Dharavi Redevelopment Project is seven years (Rehab Component). There are significant hurdles, one of which is the bid process, but now we are in the pre-planning phases states SVR Srinivas, CEO & OSD Dharavi […]

Indian commercial architecture seeks optimisation and aesthetics

The leading experts in the field of architecture have shared their perspectives and shed light on the complexities of the transforming grounds of commercial architecture in India. A remarkable transformation is underway in the dynamic landscape of India’s commercial architecture. Pioneering building projects are revolutionising the industry, seamlessly fusing contemporary design with functional excellence. The […]