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Industry Speaks

KONE’s innovative approach to elevator solutions in metro stations

Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevators India, speaks about emerging trends and challenges in the elevator industry for metro stations. How does KONE incorporate sustainability and environmental considerations into its elevator solutions for metro stations? A metro station is one of the most vital infrastructures– giving elevators a critical role in the movement of passengers. […]

The construction is advancing to become cost-effective

Dr. Mohana Raje, Director of GEM Engserv Pvt. Ltd., speaks about the project lifecycle and construction project management. Ensuring efficiency in projects Planning, which takes place in three phases—pre-construction, construction, and post-construction—can efficiently complete the construction phase, or “project lifecycle,” of a housing project. Construction project management entails managing and coordinating technical, human, and material […]

Pragmatic approach and exceptional precision

Ramachandran of Pragmatic HVAC Engineers Pvt. Ltd. speaks about the challenges faced in installing and maintaining HVAC systems in high-rise buildings and their customer service. What challenges are encountered in installing and maintaining HVAC systems in high-rise buildings? India is one of the largest populated countries in the world. According to Socio-economic growth along with […]

The prestressed technique improves project quality and durability

C N Shridhara, Associate Director from PRECA Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., states the importance of precast construction and how it helps the environment.  What benefits do precast, prefabricated buildings bring to construction and commercial real estate projects? Adopting precast prestressed technology has enormous benefits for construction and real estate. The quality of the construction will […]

Paint smart with Skora

The Smart Quartz Paint technology developed via rigorous research and development by Skora Paints has resulted in a coating system that protects walls and adorns them over a long period of time, says Nitin Laxman Kadam, Managing Director, Skora. With added durability and dirt repellence, it allows high breathability with low  water absorption to the […]

Diamond dowel improves material efficiency, lowers labour costs, and provides crack-free flooring

Jagdeep Singh Bhalla, founder of JBA Concrete Solutions discusses the latest concrete solutions and their unique features in an exclusive interaction. How do you look at the need and demand for customised concrete flooring? There is a strong demand for customised concrete floors; conventional concrete finishing methods are no longer used. People are now prepared […]