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Polyurethane solutions for strong and rapid construction

Polyurethane solutions for strong and rapid construction

The visionary behind Drythane, generously shares insights into their groundbreaking product offerings and services, addressing the evolving needs of the construction industry.

Can you provide us with an overview of your company and the revolutionary products and services you are unveiling in concrete?

Amchem, with over three decades of experience, embarked on its polyurethane journey in 1993. This versatile material has found extensive applications in critical infrastructure projects, such as safeguarding water and oil pipelines against corrosion. In addition to these core offerings, we diversified into producing flooring and waterproofing solutions five years ago, and these innovative products are poised to take centre stage at the upcoming Expo.

What sets your product range and services apart from others within the construction industry, and could you highlight any unique features or innovations that you bring to the table?

Our distinction in the construction industry can be traced back to our founding principle: an unwavering commitment to deliver top-quality solutions where previously only limited options existed. In the early 1990s, during the nascent stages of township development, Amchem astutely identified a gap in the market. While many manufacturers focused on paints and adhesives, we specialized in producing robust anti-corrosive coatings. Our dedication to durability and resilience sets us apart, providing a unique and indispensable solution that outshines our competitors.

How does your company address sustainability and environmental concerns in the construction sector, and are there any eco-friendly aspects to your offerings?

Amchem is firmly committed to sustainability in the construction sector and stands out through its eco-conscious practices. Our products are entirely environmentally friendly, free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous solvents, ensuring their suitability for drinking water applications. Furthermore, our coatings have received approval for use in water pipelines, underscoring our environmental responsibility. Amchem’s innovative “cold roof policy” introduces an aliphatic topcoat that significantly reduces surface temperatures by up to 14 degrees Celsius, particularly vital in the blistering summers of North India, where concrete temperatures can soar to 60 degrees. This reduction to 43–44 degrees not only enhances safety but also conserves substantial energy, embodying our eco-friendly approach.

Could you provide more details on recent developments and advancements in your product portfolio and services?

Amchem’s most recent innovation, the “ultimate combo system,” combines a base coat, hybrid polyuria, and a polyurethane (PU) top coat. This groundbreaking system sets new industry standards with its exceptional crack-bridging capability, surpassing 13 mm. It distinguishes itself by its extended design life, offering a one-of-a-kind solution in the construction sector. The robust PU top coat, with remarkable chemical resistance, ensures the durability of the coating, capable of withstanding the rigours of construction, including the passage of rebar and impacts from falling objects, without compromising its integrity or crack-bridging ability.

Are specific industries or segments within the construction sector where your products or services offer unique advantages?

While our product range is versatile and adaptable for various applications, we have identified areas where we aim to expand, particularly within industrial flooring. Given the excellence and effectiveness of our products, we anticipate gradual growth in this specific segment. The focus for the upcoming year will be directed towards the development and promotion of industrial flooring solutions.

Could you delve into upcoming projects and initiatives your company has in store soon?

In our relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement, we continually strive to enhance our existing product line. Each year, we dedicate our efforts to refining our products, whether by reducing water permeability, enhancing chemical resistance, increasing elongation, improving crack-bridging capabilities, or fortifying the overall robustness of our offerings. This commitment to innovation remains an ongoing and integral part of our mission.

For more info visit : https://drythane.com/


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