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Pragmatic approach and exceptional precision

Pragmatic approach and exceptional precision

Ramachandran of Pragmatic HVAC Engineers Pvt. Ltd. speaks about the challenges faced in installing and maintaining HVAC systems in high-rise buildings and their customer service.

What challenges are encountered in installing and maintaining HVAC systems in high-rise buildings?

India is one of the largest populated countries in the world. According to Socio-economic growth along with the population, the demand for urban housing continues to increase while the land and city limits remain the same.  In order to use the best of available space, high rise buildings are constructed with a small footprint. Nobody wants to sacrifice more space for services like air conditioning.

The type of building and height has the most influence on the design of HVAC systems. The ambient temperature of high rise buildings above 60 floors would be comparatively less than the lower floors and accordingly the system capacity also varies. Therefore, the design and system selection need special attention of experienced Engineers.

What are the different types of HVAC systems used in commercial buildings? 

The best way to do the air conditioning of high-rise buildings is with chilled water-controlled systems. In this system, the main power utilisation is concentrated at a common location which is a highly safe method to adopt. However, the costs will be more compared to the One to One or VRF system. 

In some well-designed high-rises, in order to maintain the cost effective solution, a common cooling tower is being provided to cater the cooling water to all the floors to take away the heat from the condensers. This helps to maintain good energy efficiency and independent operation of all air conditioning systems of individual owners.

How can the building height impact the operation of the HVAC equipment?

The key factor is the outside temperature in the high rise buildings which are above 60 storey. The ambient temperature shall be less than the other floors. Therefore, the capacity of the cooling system shall be selected accordingly.

Another key problem is plumbing at various stages at various levels of the building height, and positive gravity flows are relevant. It is necessary to understand the specific conditions and optimise the designs.

How does variable refrigerant flow appear as an efficient alternative in a high-rise structure?

A variable refrigerant- flow system is a cost-effective option with a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units. The space for keeping the outdoor units should be pre- decided and the building should be constructed accordingly. Since this is a widely used technology which can be operated at vide ranges and capacities it is highly popular.

How are you meeting the customer’s requirements?

 We are confident that our clients will always be satisfied by our timely and high-quality services and exceptional customer service. Pragmatic HVAC Engineers Pvt. Ltd. assures complete client satisfaction with its pragmatic approach and precision. We offer our clients a wide range of services through customised system design, flexible system operation, energy-efficient solutions, effective customer interactions, and high human resource development. Our emphasis remains on quality client service.


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