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We offer world-class, cost-effective waterproofing solutions

We offer world-class, cost-effective waterproofing solutions

Viha Chitroda, Business Operations, Kangaru Polymers India, highlights the features and advantages of their eco-friendly products.

What are the features of your eco-friendly products? 

We aim to provide the most sustainable solutions so that the least damage is done to our ecology. From product development to packing, Kangaru Polymers always take advantage of every opportunity to incorporate eco-friendly features. We concentrate more on water-based products that do not harm the labour force and Mother Earth. We are 100 percent committed to choosing the most suitable raw materials, packing accessories, etc. 

What are the advantages of choosing your brand?

As a prominently emerging brand in the niche market cap, Kangaru Polymers Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide World class waterproofing solutions for fair play amongst former market players. Waterproofing companies are mistakenly perceived to be just ‘product sellers. We at Kangaru strongly believe in selling ‘solutions’, which gives us an upper hand while proving our capabilities before our prospective/valued customers. Based on our strong market survey, we have established that customers look out for ‘waterproofing solutions’ and not ‘waterproofing products’ as individuals. This is where we bridge the most critical gap. 

 How do you look at the need and demand for customised coating solutions?

Our on-site understanding and experience in challenging site conditions have strengthened our guiding light working mechanisms. We have standardised work method statements for each application and our technical executives ensure that the same is being followed on-site. However, some projects demand a non-conventional specification to be designed for. We are more than happy to research, develop and deliver sustainable and viable solutions to suit the needs of our clients.

 How cost-effective are your solutions in the market? What are its key features?

 Often ‘cost-effectiveness’ is not associated with the quality of products, services and other intangible assets. It is referred to as the lowest proposal amongst many, without even checking the credibility sometimes. No optimal customer would finalise a product or service based on the rate. To achieve valuable results, one must look at all the factors and finalise the most suitable one for their specific requirement. Some of the salient features that KPPL offers are its intangibly extended service, consultancy for the system to be installed, ready-to-use single-component products and products with simple roller/brush applications.


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