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Green waterproofing for a better tomorrow!

“We view sustainability from an eagle-eye perspective, ensuring we design, supply, and apply the right products for the proper application areas to protect structures from water ingress.” Water is the primary cause of building decay and deterioration. Over the past few years, there have been technological advancements in waterproofing products and systems. Manufacturers are introducing […]

Fortify building foundations with basement waterproofing solutions

“Building a strong foundation starts with Assess Build Chem’s innovative waterproofing products, ensuring long-term protection and peace of mind for your basement.” Basement waterproofing is a crucial aspect of building construction, especially in areas prone to high water tables or heavy rainfall. Proper waterproofing ensures the longevity and structural integrity of the building while creating […]

Drythane – The sustainable waterproofing solution with no-VOC components

Sachit Singh Mann, Director at Drythane, discusses their eco-friendly waterproofing solutions’ advantages and unique features. What are the different types of waterproofing chemicals available on the market, and how do they vary in their application methods and effectiveness? Various types of waterproofing chemicals are available on the market, each with its own characteristics and application […]

Moving beyond the misconception of monsoon-prone areas with waterproofing solutions

Viha Chitroda, Business Operations, of Maris Polymers India, talks about the necessary monsoon maintenance and waterproofing solutions for monsoon prone areas. What are the advantages and disadvantages of various waterproofing techniques such as chemical coatings, membranes, and sealants? Over time, advancements in waterproofing technology have been driven by various factors, such as changes in climatic […]

Enhancing strength, durability, and safety in building construction with Resikon Construction Chemical

Pankaj Pokharna, Business Head, Resikon Construction Chemicals speaks about construction chemical solutions and their strength and durability. What are your different construction chemical solutions and their specific applications? For the protection of RCC steel in foundations, We provide products to prevent rust on rebars. We offer admixtures for concrete sites or readymix concrete to boost […]

Revolutionary waterproofing system: cost-effective and no need for additional protective layers

Sachit Singh Mann, Owner of Drythane, speaks about eco-friendly waterproofing solutions and monsoon treatments. What are the key factors when selecting a waterproofing solution for monsoon-prone areas? Our developed coating is entirely resistant to water penetration. We strongly advocate for protective coatings to have continuous water-repellent properties instead of only a few hours. Typically, most […]

Expert advice on selecting eco-friendly and effective waterproofing solutions for monsoon

Pankaj Pokharna, Business Head, Anuvi Chemicals Ltd. Resikon Brand, discusses their waterproofing solutions and unique features. What are the important considerations when choosing a waterproofing solution for regions that experience monsoons?  The key factors include hiring an expert in waterproofing and structural repair to identify the specific areas of leakage, such as terraces, walls, chajjas, […]

Mariseal waterproofing system proves effective for 5-star hotel terrace with unusual shapes and penetrations

“Mariseal increases the tear resistance, and the integration of awkward shapes and roof openings without any joints.” The Hotel Taj, a luxurious 5-star property near Mumbai Airport, required a waterproof membrane that accommodates various irregular shapes and penetrations. The terrace was initially waterproofed with a reinforced APP membrane and a cement screed, but cracks were […]

Kamdhenu Paints launches ‘Kamo Damp Proof’ Waterproof Coating for Roof and Walls

Kamdhenu Paints, a brand of Kamdhenu Group and a leading manufacturer of high-quality paints and emulsions has launched a new waterproofing product – ‘Kamo Damp Proof’. The new product is a fibre reinforced elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane. It is formulated with consolidated synthetic fibers and select elastomeric robust acrylic polymers. ‘Kamo Damp Proof’ forms a […]