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Thermax expands production facility in Pune

Thermax expands production facility in Pune

To keep up with increasing demand, Thermax establishes new standards for manufacturing efficiency, process automation, and scalable capacity.

Thermax, a prominent supplier of energy and environmental solutions, has announced the opening of its cutting-edge water and wastewater treatment solutions manufacturing plant in Pune. This is a big step towards Thermax’s larger goal of resource conservation and future preservation.

The two-acre new facility is a testament to Thermax’s commitment to engineering excellence, driven by innovation, quality, and customer-centricity. In addition to sewage treatment plants (STP) and reverse osmosis (RO), Thermax’s Water and Waste Solutions business has grown dramatically in recent years to incorporate Effluent Recycling Systems (ERS) and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions. The factory will also use and accommodate Thermax’s innovative technologies to provide CDI solutions, tubular membrane modules, softener and filter vessels, and more. The capacity of the new facility can be doubled.

To maximise output and production efficiency while reducing waste, the plant will incorporate highly automated processes and cutting-edge production techniques. The factory would have backing from about 1,000 suppliers nationwide and in Maharashtra, securing its supply chain. Additionally, a remote monitoring system built on Thermax’s Edge Live® digital technology will be housed at the facility.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the new water and wastewater solutions facility, Ashish Bhandari, MD & CEO of Thermax, stated, “At Thermax, we are making significant strides towards becoming a trusted partner in energy transition and advancing environmental stewardship. Establishing a world-class manufacturing facility for water and wastewater solutions reflects our relentless pursuit of setting higher benchmarks in providing clean solutions for diverse applications across industries as well as our resolute commitment to investing in enhancing the nation’s engineering capabilities. This technologically advanced plant will set new standards in efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, ensuring that our customers receive the highest-quality water and wastewater treatment solutions. We firmly believe that sustainability and profitability should go hand in hand, and our facility will deliver this premise in action for a better tomorrow, one where every drop counts.”

In the presence of stakeholders, consumers, and industry experts, the factory was officially opened. During the inauguration event, there were informative talks, facility tours conducted by knowledgeable guides, and hands-on demonstrations showcasing the cutting-edge features and functionalities of the water treatment and conservation systems and products that will be produced and assembled at the new factory. The products and production line of the revolutionary Thermax Water and Waste Solutions division are well-positioned to cater to a wide range of industries, including commercial, municipal, residential, and effluent treatment, sewage treatment, water treatment, and reverse osmosis (RO).

Thermax’s new facility runs solely on solar energy and has a strong rainwater harvesting infrastructure because it is a leader and supporter of clean air, clean energy, and clean water solutions. The facility demonstrates Thermax’s dedication to environmentally friendly solutions across its operations, in addition to complying with IGBC rules.

With the launch of its first factory for manufacturing water and wastewater equipment, Thermax is still committed to its goal of offering customers cutting-edge solutions that improve water quality while also helping to preserve the environment, guaranteeing a healthier environment for everybody.

For more info visit: http://www.thermaxglobal.com


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