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Stunning Lounge Space, from Beyond Design

Stunning Lounge Space, from Beyond Design

Beyond Design renowned for their bespoke furniture and accessories, and luxurious and elaborately designed interiors, Beyond Designs, has unveiled a set of intricately crafted lounge spaces that offer many inspirations to make yours look impressive.

Muted and textured walls become backdrops for a rich and artistic play of features. The intimate spaces are fitted with custom-designed furniture that adds the most exquisite appeal and luxurious comfort to the spaces. Specially curated artworks, accessories, and antiques bring flavors from around the world.

Pic 1: This contemporary lounge space reeking with the charm of a bygone era has an enchanting bunch of pendant lights holding together eclectic furniture in classical style.

Pic 2: Classic-contemporary furniture with rivets and a stylish leather-clad armchair form a cozy lounge space that is decorated with mythological paintings. Vibrant upholstery and lampshade impart warmth to the space.

 Pic 3: The gothic mirror is the centerpiece of this lounge space done up with contemporary furniture. The marble inlay coffee table and antique pieces are the other eye-catching features.

Pic 4: Stunning symmetry achieved with the marble fireplace placed in between the two beautiful windows is the defining feature of this lounge space. The marble inlay coffee table flanked by two cozy armchairs enhances the visual appeal.


For more info visit : www.beyonddesigns.in/




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