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Precast: above cast-in-situ concrete

Precast: above cast-in-situ concrete

Meeting challenges of skilled labours and expediting construction, the technology helps cater to market demand.

Precast saves time, it takes only one-third of the time compared to the regular conventional method. Precast is manufactured in a controlled environment, hence it is much easier to control the quality of the mix, placement and curing. Weather plays major role in construction and it affects or enhances the quality of the concrete, but in most cases it affects the quality and the work too gets delayed. There are no weather issues when it comes to precast. It is casted at factory where everything is monitored round the clock and the quality is assured.

Conquering labour concerns
Getting skilled labour is becoming increasingly tough. Thankfully, precast can work with less skilled labour needed only for erection. Hence, the desired output is assured since the quality does not depend on labour. Precast concrete can accelerate curing, which increases strength gain; whereas cast-in-place concrete can have deviation in strength because of extreme temperatures and humidity. Because precast concrete is factory made, certain elements or admixtures can be incorporated within the concrete that cannot be added to site cast concrete.

Just as specialised insulation can be added to precast concrete, specialised structural reinforcements can be designed as well. For certain projects, this is crucial, as it allows the panel to bear loads at a thickness that simply isn’t possible with traditional poured concrete. By decreasing the amount of material needed to make a building structurally sound, one is saving money while being less taxing on the resources available.

K.M. Velumani, Proprietor, Velan Concast says, “If there are last-minute changes in the design, precast concrete offers flexibility to make such before the concrete is poured into the form. When it comes to price, it is clearly available to the end user, so that there is no variation on price according to the client. Precast has a fixed price hence budget can be accurately planned.”

Builders’ choice
At present, market demand for buildings is huge. Construction industry is facing shortage of skilled man power. Thus, builders are facing difficulties to meet market demands and are actively seeking solutions. Shridhara C.N, Head-Technical & Marketing, Preca Solutions India Pvt Ltd says, “Precast will ease the burden of builders since everything is manufactured offsite after which elements are brought and assembled at the site. Also, many suppliers are available in the market creating room for builders to subcontract the work to vendors and relax, making precast concrete technology popular among builders.”

Expediting construction
Most of the precast vendors have capability of producing precast columns, beams, slabs, stair cases wall panels and retaining walls. Shridhara shares two methodologies for the building sector that can expedite construction.

Shear wall methodology: Here, precast walls shall be designed as load bearing walls and slabs will be resting directly on the walls. The column and beams shall be avoided in this system. This system shall be adopted and suggested structurally for high raised buildings and also for villa projects. This avoids making of block walls and plastering works at site. This process reduces the project duration drastically.

Framed structures with shear walls: In this method, columns, beams, slabs and shear walls will be designed as building element. All other walls can be done by concrete blocks or other dry wall systems. This system is more suitable for the commercial, factory, hospital and school buildings. Because the changes in the usage is inevitable in India. All these buildings depend on multiple customers. They need the spaces as per their business and usage. Hence, not much precast walls will be there, it is easy to modify as per customer requirements.

Precast has a fixed price hence budget can be accurately planned.
K.M. Velumani, Proprietor, Velan Concast

Precast will ease the burden of builders since everything is manufactured offsite.
Shridhara C.N, Head-Technical & Marketing, Preca Solutions India Pvt Ltd


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