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Maximising productivity with precast structures

Subodh Patil, Founder of Maxim Prefab, speaks on how automation is changing the landscape for precast plants by making production more consistent. With developers and government institutions needing to complete projects faster, how has the Indian market adapted to precast ? Precast structures have a great future in India, allowing for faster construction progress. Connection […]

Green Precast for Sustainable Environment

Precast concrete has environmental attributes that can make it preferable to cast-in-place concrete. Precast plays an essential role in the modern world construction of every building today, it refers to the making of parts in an offsite workshop or factory prior to the installation at the site. The primary purpose of precast construction is to […]

Precast: above cast-in-situ concrete

Meeting challenges of skilled labours and expediting construction, the technology helps cater to market demand. Precast saves time, it takes only one-third of the time compared to the regular conventional method. Precast is manufactured in a controlled environment, hence it is much easier to control the quality of the mix, placement and curing. Weather plays […]