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We provide green and fire-safe solutions for sustainable buildings

We provide green and fire-safe solutions for sustainable buildings

Mahesh Kumar, Business Head- Marketing & HVAC Systems UP Twiga, talks about their wide range of products and their plans for business expansion.

What industries and segments do UP Twiga Insulation supply its fibreglass insulation in?

UP Twiga Insulation supplies Glass wool insulation to various industries and segments such as Air-conditioning, Acoustics, Buildings, transportation, including DMRC and railways etc. We offer multiple products like Pre-Insulated duct boards, Duct wraps, Hot and Cold Pipe sections and flexible ducts used in HVAC and Building industry. We also have innovative products like Acoustic Board which replaces conventional systems that require metal, hence providing energy saving and improved acoustic properties without metal.

How does UP Twiga Insulation ensure sustainability and energy savings in its products, and what certifications does it hold for fire safety and sustainability?

UP Twiga Insulation ensures sustainability and energy savings in its products by having a very low K-Value and by using raw materials that are readily available in nature. The primary raw material is Sand, which is abundant and renewable in nature. The use of Glasswool for the thermal insulation of walls and ceilings has been shown to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent to 30 percent. Glass wool is manufactured from widely available and renewable raw materials and provides environmental benefits in terms of resource saving and energy saving at every stage from pre-manufacturing to end use. We also do compressed vacuum packaging and due to that there is less requirement of transportation energy. All of these gives a lot of sustainable points for energy savings and green buildings. UP Twiga Insulation is one of the founder members of the Indian Green Building Council and all the products are approved by Singapore Green Building Council. The company’s products are well-listed in multiple National and International laboratories and organisations, where sustainability parties are also involved. UP Twiga Insulation products are sustainable solutions and fire safe achieving BS Part 4,5,6,7 certifications. Twiga products are non-combustible.

How do you ensure that your products are environmentally friendly?

Our products are environmentally friendly because we use raw materials like sand that is abundant in nature. Unlike products made from carbons, our products emit fewer carbon emissions during the manufacturing and supply process. By using sustainable raw materials, our products earn many green points. Our products do not emit poisonous gases or toxic fumes.

How are you aligning yourself with Make in India and other plans?

We manufacture our products in India, but we also recognize the importance of international tie-ups and sharing technology with companies like Saint-Gobain to succeed and grow. Through this partnership, we are bringing advanced technology to India and contributing to sustainable growth. As the demand for insulation increases in India, we plan to build a new plant to meet the demand and continue expanding.

What are the future predictions, and what innovations do you want in the company?

The HVAC industry is witnessing a lot of innovations, such as pre-insulated ducting systems that save energy and labour costs. Previously, the industry used GI metal ducting systems but now the industry is moving towards pre-insulated ducting systems that are self-made and easy to install at the site. We discovered that Saint Gobain was already using this system and promoting this internationally, which inspired us to bring the Spanish product to India. We are excited to showcase these new generation products, and our Ambernath plant and the new plant will manufacture these products, which will ease out the application and labour constraints.


For more info visit : https://www.twigafiber.com/


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