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Rosha Launches a Chic Luxury Table Lamp

Rosha Launches a Chic Luxury Table Lamp

Rosha India is a new-age lighting solutions brand, with a range of new-age, contemporary products that bring in the perfect blend of artful designs, elegance, – innovation, and functionality.

The Indian brand, which has been creating waves in the market with its unique offerings, has added another feather to its cap, introducing a minimalist cordless luxury table lamp – ‘Kasa’, for those who like all the functions of an efficient, durable table lamp with a touch of sophistication in its aesthetic.

As the brand says, ‘Kasa’ has been a product of the labour of love for design and functionality. Made with aluminium alloy, this table lamp is a unique curation with a signature ring-shade or a lamp hat, which is detachable, that makes it an object of desire and admiration in your home.

The unique design of the lamp was inspired by Japanese culture, from their traditional hats called ‘Kasa’ which were originally made of intricate wickerwork or various other materials. The Kasa Lamp has been designed while keeping every aesthetic in mind and with a purpose to offer a sense of exclusivity to your space.

The Kasa collection is where minimalism meets excellent craftsmanship and refined style. This beautiful and compact table lamp imparts a modern opulence to your interiors. Made of aluminium alloy, they are lightweight, yet highly durable. With a host of modern functions that make it portable and fuss-free, this table lamp is truly a great addition to your home!

The graceful Kasa table lamp impresses with its quiet presence and does a great job at  illuminating your room with many features like an integrated dimmer which lets you customise the glow according to what you need. With no hassle of cords, the Kasa lamp is battery-operated and is easily rechargeable. Energy-efficient and made of highly-durable material, the Kasa lamp will be a solid addition to your decor and a star for years to come.


For more info visit : https://roshaindia.com/





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