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Rains no more a pain with MagicBlox

Rains no more a pain with MagicBlox

Every house is constructed with the best care and materials, although, sometimes this could go wrong and leave you worrying on a rainy day. Come monsoon and the trouble of water seepage begins. This could lead to a major damage in the walls of your home and destroy the beauty of it. If you go through the same trouble year after year, switch to MagicBlox by Magicrete and enjoy the rain without any stress.

MagicBlox contain 80 per cent air and therefore weighs one-third of clay bricks. It is formed as a reaction of aluminium with the proportionate blend of lime, cement, gypsum & fly ash. Which makes your building lighter by reducing the amount of steel and concrete. One of the biggest advantages of MagicBlox is that water does not penetrate through the blocks. Microscopic structure of MagicBlox does not allow for capillary action, making it impervious to water. Its water barrier properties are further enhanced by adding silicone based additives. In contrast, water does penetrate through the red clay brick which could cause heavy damage to your walls when contacted with water.

MagicBlox can be used in all types of structures- residential buildings, commercial complexes, offices, hospitals and hotels, educational institutes, industrial buildings and infrastructures.

It shows excellent resistant resistance to earthquake forces. It has been proven to withstand wind loads of category 5 tropical storms.

MagicBlox poses excellent thermal insulation properties having a thermal rating of R30. This further helps in electricity/ air-conditioning cost reduction upto 30per cent. Its unique cellular structure provides excellent fire rating of 4 to 6 hours. Moreover it has wonderful acoustic properties, a STC rating of 44db which results in virtually sound proof interior. If you are building a house or refurbishing your house, make sure that you use MagicBlox and remain stress free always.

Enjoy the rainy season without any worries!


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