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Practical interventions leading to larger impacts

Sneha Gurjar, Director, CEM Engineers, speaks on the self-sustained township project at Assam, aiming to distinguish itself as a benchmark. Why did you choose to specialise in hospitality projects? The complexity and scale excite me regarding work and the impact that large-scale (infrastructure/urban design/public utility) projects can generate. India shall become the most populous country […]

Urban oasis with green roofs and vertical gardens

Bringing out the best of minimalism

Ar. Sumit Dhawan presents Todd’s residence keeping the design’s utility and attractiveness in line with the usefulness of its interior spaces. What attracted you to specializing in the typology of residences? Residences today necessitate thoughtful and sensitive design skills due to their modest scale and attention to detail. Each home is unique and designed according […]

Urban oasis with green roofs and vertical gardens