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Alstone India launches innovative ‘Alstone Alcomb’

Alstone India launches innovative ‘Alstone Alcomb’

Alstone, a leading manufacturer of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) & Fire Rated Composite Panel in India, launches a futuristic, revolutionary Alstone Alcomb. Alstone Alcomb is unique because of its core properties as well as applications which makes it one-of-its-kind in its category.

The promising product has features like Fire protection – A2 grade, High strength and excellent rigidity, lightweight, impact & sound resistance, and 100% recyclable. Right from building facades, ceilings/ flooring panels, and furniture to commercial/military vehicles and doors and floors of railways – Alstone Alcomb can be used in a wide range of applications.

Alcomb is a robust yet lightweight panel that’s composed of two Aluminium alloy sheets facing each other and an inner honeycomb core that’s made from Aluminium foils – a true inspiration of the natural hexagonal honeycomb. Experience the difference with the unique honeycomb structure that makes the product lighter than other materials and also improves the rigidity and stability of its body. Besides, these panels are eco-friendly and are completely recyclable and reusable.

Aluminium alloy, used for the construction of these panels is a non-combustible material that works well as a fire retardant and fire prevention material. Also, it is highly non-radioactive which means it does not emit any harmful gases. These energy-conserving properties make these panels a perfect choice for various applications such as construction and architecture, industrial, railways, marine, automotive and aviation.


The structure of the honeycomb panels is connected with each other like I-beams. The skin sheet bears the in-plane load like an I-beam flange, function of the honeycomb code is similar to the Web of I-beam bearing shear stress, connecting and supporting both skin sheets. This results in high strength and excellent rigidity.

Sumit Gupta, Managing Director, Alstone while highlighting the properties of Alstone Alcomb says, “Alstone is a brand synonymous with innovation, design and quality. Our latest Alstone Alcomb is a futuristic and revolutionary panel because of its superior quality control procedures that include rigorous testing under the most stringent standards. It is lighter than other materials due to its unique honeycomb structure, which also improves the rigidity and stability of the buildings. With Alstone Alcomb, we can build upon the trust that our customers already repose in us by extending a 15-year warranty on our honeycomb panels.”


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