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Chin-Chin suspension lights by Sans Souci

Chin-Chin suspension lights by Sans Souci

Sans Souci, the renowned Czech designer and producer of glass lighting, proudly showcases its unique collection of Chin Chin Suspension Lights.

Sans Souci’s dedication to creating custom premium lighting components that skillfully combine creativity, innovation, and utility is reaffirmed by the Karim Rashid-designed line.

The Chin Chin Suspension Lights are painstakingly crafted to provide lighting fixtures that are the height of style and uniqueness. With its bespoke elegance, the series is poised to reinvent the notion of luxury lighting and make a dramatic statement in home design. Sans Souci’s talented craftsmen create each Chin Chin Suspension Light by hand, each one a masterwork that embodies their innovative design philosophy. The line features innovative glassworking methods and techniques that provide a beautiful fusion of form and function.

Sans Souci new exquisite light collection _ ACE

The Chin Chin collection includes swaying installations in gold tones made of crystal elements fashioned into various-sized gold drink glasses. Each piece is hung from immaculate glass rings and has a gradient nanocoating applied to it. The Chin Chin Suspension Lights by Sans Souci are more than just lights; thanks to their skillful architectural integration, they are intended to highlight and improve the original architectural elements. Whether they are hanging over a large entrance or decorating a luxury home’s dining room, these lights blend in with their surroundings and improve the overall design.

Sans Souci new exquisite light collection _ ACE

Furthermore, Sans Souci has a long history of being associated with luxury. The collection blends elegance and functionality to provide a genuinely opulent lighting experience that elevates the atmosphere of any place.

For more info visit : http://www.sanssoucilighting.com


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