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Digital locks bring safety to your fingerprints

Digital locks bring safety to your fingerprints

Locks introduces Advantis a high-tech digital lock with almost space-age functions which are also simple to operate Shyam Motwani, EVP & Business Head, Godrej Locks and Architectural Fittings and Systems.

How do new age digital locks offer an enhanced degree of security?
Consumers are increasingly adopting a digital way of living. In an era of IoT, SMART solutions are used in almost all everyday activities. Consumers want to adopt solutions that not only provide convenience but safety too.The freedom of moving in and out of the house without a worry of getting locked out is a relief. Digital locks offer a new – age keyless lifestyle with an enhanced degree of safety. Digital locks bring safety to your fingerprints instead of depending on someone else, which is the case in most scenarios. The sense of safety you derive out of a digital lock is nothing compared to traditional locks, now they can be viewed from any part of the world. The bio-metric technology reduces the risk of anyone trespassing your property. However, there lies a paradox to this fast moving consumer base. According to the Godrej Locks’ Har GharSurakshit Report, 90% of consumers feel that digital locks are safer than traditional but the irony here is that only 50% are ready to adopt technology- based home safety solutions. According to a report the global digital door locking system is poised to grow at CAGR of 33% between2019-2023. Given this, it is clear that people see value in adopting digital locking system to safeguard themselves, their families and also property. In India, Godrej Locks is aforemost player in thedigital locks space.

What are the different solutions Godrej is offering in this regard?
Godrej Locks, the name etched in metal, secures almost every door in India. Godrej has been synonymous with trust, protection and integrity. Today, after a period of over 122 years, the company’s legacy continues to ensure a high degree of security to consumers with the implementation of latest technology and constant innovation. Godrej Locks offers Advantis a high-tech digital lock with almost space-age functions which are also simple to use. It is a revolution in locking solutions for Indian homes as it brings safety at one’s fingertips.It is packed with some of the most advanced features of smart locks as biometric technology, privacy function, low battery indication, fire-sensors among others. Advantis has an added safety feature- the adjustable spy-code where random numbers can be added before or after the password in the presence of strangers to maintain secrecy. One of the most crucial feature is the Fire Sensor which automatically unlocks the door in case of a fire. The one feature that makes the Advantis unique keeping in mind India’s trust on mechanics, is that our digital lockentails a privacy function of a mechanical key overriding Advantis comes in four variants of Advantis Revolution, AdvantisTechnosure, AdvantisRimtronic and Advantis Crystal.

Considering the fact that in the home automation arena everything is app controlled, can these locks be app controlled too?
Yes. The Godrej Advantis lock can be opened through an app. The lock must be connected to a video door phone, and through the video door phone app the lock can be operated.

In a traditional Indian market where metal locks manufactured by Godrej itself set a standard of sorts, how easy or difficult is it to sell digital locks?
The need of the hour for adopting digital locks or upgrading locks for enhanced safety is a behavioural change that needs to be initiated in India. Indians assume that their homes are safe at all times which leads to the lack of implementation of safety measures.According to the Har GharSurakshit Report, only 40% of Indians consider changing their home locks once in 2–3 years whereas 70% of all thefts in India are home thefts. This shows the lack of awareness towards upgrading locking systems and the long term benefit of digital locks. Additionally, there are numerous myths about digital locks – like it will not work during a power cut, people might get locked out in case of a fire incident etc. These myths need to be debunked and awareness needs to be raised on the enhanced safety that digital locks offer.

At Godrej Locks, we have started the initiative of Har GharSurakshit in order to break these blinders. At Godrej Locks, we aim to focus on the cause of Home Safety and raise awareness among consumers on the need to upgrade home locks; to avoid the consequences of neglecting home safety. We want to grow the contribution of digital locks to the revenue of the company, from the present 2% to 3%.

What is the price range of these digital locks?
The Godrej Advantisrange starts from INR 25,000 to goes up to INR 40,000, depending on the features.

Shyam Motwani,
EVP & Business Head, Godrej Locks and Architectural Fittings and Systems


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