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Elevators safety during monsoon season

Elevators safety during monsoon season

It is imperative to ensure the safety of lifts during monsoons, particularly in Thane where water logging and dampness present serious concerns.

How Thaneites may make sure they use elevator safely during this monsoon is explained by Rajnikant Lad. Moisture is the biggest obstacle to using elevator safely during the rain. Elevators are electrically driven, and since sensors are utilised to operate various parts of the machine, moisture in the delicate parts presents a significant problem.

Second, especially in low-lying locations, water logging is an annual issue during the monsoon. Similar to other parts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), elevators in buildings with basement floors and low lying areas tend to have a greater “worry quotient” for users in Thane. Thane experiences 2293.4 mm of rainfall on average. There are several low-lying places in Thane as well. A few places in Diva are Talaopali, Charai, Vandana Talkies, Pedya Maruti next to Thane station, Bhaskar Colony, Anand Nagar on Ghodbunder, and Bhiwandi, Palghar, and Vasai Virar areas. According to media sources, these places are frequently impacted by water logging each year.

The Municipal Corporation handles matters related to water logging, such as maintaining appropriate rainwater drainage and clearing the drainage system. But in order to maintain elevator services during the wet season, we Thaneites also need to take care of our business and residential properties. Residents experience severe water logging as a result of heavy rains.

Elevator operations are more adversely affected than typical in buildings with basement floors and low line locations. In terms of passenger lives lost and elevator repair costs, failing to take prompt preventative measures and follow safety regulations may have dire consequences. Remember the elevator mishap that happened in Mumbai’s Agri pada during the previous year’s intense downpour? At the bottom level, two security personnel entered the elevator . They became trapped inside when the elevator door closed. The door would not budge. They attempted to use the alarm bell to summon outside assistance. A fellow member of the society called the firefighters. When the firefighters arrived, they broke down the door. They might then free the security personnel who were imprisoned. However, by the time they were saved, it was too late, and both of the security personnel has died.

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