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GRAFF introduces new kitchen faucet collections

GRAFF introduces new kitchen faucet collections

GRAFF, a renowned pioneer in the world of opulent bath and kitchen fixtures, is happy to announce the introduction of the Duxbury and Conical Collections, which seamlessly combine modern and historical design elements to elevate the quality of kitchen faucets.

The National Palace of Sintra, Portugal’s stunning architecture is honoured by the Conical Collection, a masterwork of exquisite design talent. Reminiscent of the luxury present in kitchens where sumptuous royal banquets were previously cooked, its distinctive modern silhouette skillfully reinterprets the classic conical chimneys. A sophisticated and classic kitchen ambience is created by the collection’s understated flare, which adds elegance and fine detail. The Duxbury Collection brings a sense of luxury, artistry, and history into the kitchen, drawing inspiration from the renowned sailing yachts of Duxbury, Massachusetts. The handle alludes to the boom and bow, while ringed embellishments imply the ship’s rigging, quietly increasing the dining area’s charm.

Enhancing adaptability, convenience, and culinary skills, GRAFF proudly introduces new features and accessory enhancements to both the Conical and Duxbury kitchen collections. This consists of the following: Pot Filler, Air Switch, Air Gap, Hot, Cold, and Hot+Cold Dispensers; Soap/Lotion Dispenser; Waste Drain; and Independent Spray.

GRAFF kitchen faucet _ ACE

Adding to the already exceptional Duxbury Collection, GRAFF offers new features including new Side Spray options (G-4806 and G-4816) and single-handle pull-down kitchen and bar/prep faucets with Chef’s Pro sprayers. These new improvements, which include a pot filler, an air switch, an air gap, a soap/lotion dispenser, a waste drain, and hot, cold, and hot+cold dispensers, enhance the current side-sprayer faucets.

Ziggy Kulig, GRAFF’s President, and CEO remarks, “Our latest additions of Conical and Duxbury collections for the kitchen pay homage to Portugal’s royal architecture with exquisite design, and Duxbury’s attention to detail, precision engineering, and design excellence echo those qualities, reflecting the GRAFF Art of Kitchen credo.”

GRAFF kitchen faucet _ ACE

The cutting-edge performance characteristics, premium materials, and precise engineering of Portugal, as well as the sailing vessels of Duxbury, which exhibit exquisite craftsmanship and construction, serve as inspiration for the Conical and Duxbury Collections.

The high-performance characteristics of Conical are designed to facilitate events of all sizes, from formal dinner parties to small-scale tea parties for two. Duxbury, meantime, skillfully enhances a wide range of settings by fusing a powerful performance with arresting design. While Duxbury offers high-quality finishes like Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Gunmetal, and Steelnox® Satin Nickel, the Conical Collection offers opulent finishes including Rose Gold, Polished Chrome, Onyx, and Polished Brass.

For more info visit: http://www.graff-designs.com.


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