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Navitas Solar unveils N-Type TOPCon solar modules

Navitas Solar unveils N-Type TOPCon solar modules

The exceptional energy yield and low-temperature coefficient of N-type TOPCon technology are well recognised, and they also extend the lifespan and overall efficiency of solar modules.

At The Smarter E India—Intersolar India 2024, Navitas Solar, a prominent module manufacturing brand in India with a manufacturing capacity of 2 GW p.a., launches its newest next-generation N-Type TOPCon modules.

N-type TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contacts) technology is essentially the next generation of PERC and is a revolutionary module manufacturing technique that helps to improve solar panel efficiency. To build passivated contact structures on both the front and back surfaces, TOPCon technology adds a very thin coating of silicon dioxide (sio2) and a layer of phosphorus-doped polycrystalline silicon. This additional layer, which has passivated contact structures on both the front and rear surfaces, aids in lowering losses and enhancing carrier extraction.

These panels have an extended power-generating lifespan. Furthermore, TOPCon cells have superior conversion efficiency, which may result in a reduction in the manufacturing cost per watt. The TOPCon technology improves the panels’ long-term durability and steady performance by reducing surface recombination. During the first year of operation and throughout the following 30 years, TOPCon solar panels exhibit a low rate of power deterioration.

One of the distinctive elements of Navitas Solar’s N-Type TOPCon is the use of bifacial technology. The module’s energy yield and overall efficiency are significantly increased by its capacity to receive sunlight from both its front and back sides. The power output of the cutting-edge Navitas N-Type TOPCon Solar Modules ranges from 560 to 630 watts per panel. These modules provide greater power generation, stability, and efficiency by over 22 percent. These panels offer bifaciality with reduced deterioration and efficient manufacturing in harsh climates. Throughout their 30-year lifespan, these bifacial modules produce noticeably more power per watt (kWh/kW).

The Navitas N-Type TOPCon module is covered by a 30-year performance warranty in addition to a 12-year product warranty. 182 mm (M10) 16BB half-cut cells are used in its construction. A maximum system voltage of 1,500 V can be used with the panel. Its operating temperature is between -40°C and 85°C. Panels ranging in power from 560 to 580 watts are offered, measuring 2,278 mm by 1,134 mm by 30 mm. Panels with wattages ranging from 590 to 630 are offered, measuring 2,466 x 1,134 x 30 mm.

Speaking on the occasion, Ankit Singhania, Director, Sales, Procurement, & Co-Founder, Navitas Solar, says, “We are delighted to introduce our next generation Navitas N-Type TOPCon in our portfolio with our expanded manufacturing capacity of 2 GW p.a. With 144 and 156 half-cells and 16 bus bars available in 3.2 mm ARC Glass with transparent back sheet and 2 mm in glass-to-glass combinations, our latest technology modules can generate power from 560 watts to 630 watts per panel, offering module efficiency >22 percent. This innovative addition has the potential to completely reinvent the solar industry in the upcoming years with its high performance and superior technology. We believe Intersolar 2024 is the perfect venue for Navitas Solar to introduce our new module series because it will be the hub of conversations about the most recent developments in the solar industry. With this development, we are sure that Navitas Solar will establish new standards in the solar industry and we believe that Navitas N-type TOPCon modules will be the choice of consumers in the upcoming years.” 

For more info visit: http://www.navitassolar.com.


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