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Nemetschek Group expands presence in Mumbai

Nemetschek Group expands presence in Mumbai

Having a focus on innovation, sustainability, and skill development in the AEC sector, the Nemetschek Group begins its growth into India through strategic partnerships and initiatives.

The Nemetschek Group is a major worldwide supplier of software solutions for the media and AEC industries. The inaugural function, entitled “Architecting India’s Future,” took place at Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal Palace and was a critical turning point in the business’s international expansion plan. More than 150 attendees took part in forward-thinking conversations at the event, which was attended by important industry leaders. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Nemetschek Group and Mumbai’s JJ College of Architecture was signed after the event. In line with the government’s Skill Development Programme, this cooperation seeks to promote innovation and skill development in the Indian architecture industry.

Through an intensive market entrance plan, Nemetschek India has the potential to transform the Indian AEC industry. The three segments of the company’s offering are Conceptualise, Design, and Execute. Contractors, engineering design consultants, architects, landscape and interior designers, project management firms, and others can select from a variety of product packages, such as basic, plus, professional, or full, each customised to match their unique requirements. A kit for Bridge & Precast is also available from the Design section. The Nemetschek Group’s Country VP for the Indian Subcontinent, Nirmalya Chatterjee, stressed the strategic significance of joining the Indian market at this particular time. “India’s construction industry is expected to grow at an exponential rate and rank third in the world by 2025. Although our products are already well-known in this place, we now want to raise the bar for the sector by speaking with enterprise-level clients directly and growing our network of channel partners.”

The CEO of the Nemetschek Group, Yves Padrines, outlined the company’s overall goals for Nemetschek in India. India offers us a great deal of opportunity because of its vast building projects, which include about 9,500 National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) projects and a thriving real estate market. Our cutting-edge BIM tools and connected platforms will improve sustainability, shorten project timeframes, and streamline workflows. In addition to our R&D centre in Hyderabad, we are demonstrating our dedication to ongoing innovation and industry assistance by opening an office in Mumbai today. Our objective is to establish enduring connections and support India’s construction sector and infrastructure advancement.”

Nemetschek India will work with regional businesses and academic institutions to develop talent and spur innovation. The business intends to offer workshops, training sessions, and personalised marketing efforts to interact with regional stakeholders. It attempts to effectively adjust its strategy to match local demands and market developments by persistently requesting feedback from stakeholders.

The company is dedicated to advancing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. To this purpose, it will host workshops on sustainable construction methods, offer software for eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs, and collaborate with local communities on sustainable development projects. It will also encourage staff members to volunteer and help neighborhood non-profits and charities.

The group’s positioning in the Indian market marks a noteworthy step towards driving digitalization across the building lifecycle. With a focus on leveraging innovative solutions and an ethical approach to AI, the company aims to revolutionize the Indian AEC industry.

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