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CMC demonstrates innovation and design excellence at FOAID 2023

India’s leading marble company, Classic Marble Company (CMC), took center stage as a prominent participant at the prestigious FOAID Mumbai 2023 event held at the Jio World Convention Centre on August 18th and 19th. The two-day extravaganza showcased cutting-edge products and ideas, while CMC’s booth stood out as a hub of innovation and architectural finesse. […]

The exemplary and visionaries winners of the 2023 World Architecture Festival

Exploring modern trends in marble design

Ravi Meghwal, CEO of RK Marbles, discusses the latest trends and technology in marble solutions for construction projects. What distinguishing features of your marbles make you stand out in the industry? Our marbles set us apart by their unparalleled quality and unique patterns. We source our marble directly from quarries worldwide, carefully selecting each piece […]

Cutting-edge water treatment solutions for optimal effectiveness and efficiency