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World-class, quality adhesives for a variety of applications

World-class, quality adhesives for a variety of applications

We supply a wide range of innovative adhesive solutions for various applications for various industries.

Benson Polymers Limited is India’s market leader in instant adhesives (cyanoacrylate). The company proudly owns many brands in which the company offers different ranges of adhesives to meet a wide variety of adhesive needs of a vast group of domestic clients or across multiple industry sectors, such as Signage, architecture, interior, woodworking, hardware, to mention a few. With the aid of our ever-active and qualified in-house R&D team, we took on this challenge and created solutions that are not only distinctive but also meet the day-to-day issues faced by end customers in the architectural and interior design industries.

Polyfix WPC/HV Instant Gel Glue
Recently, the interior sector has seen a significant shift in customer preferences for boards such as PVC, WPC, HDHMR boards, etc. However, due to a lack of awareness and availability, contractors and carpenters are still laminating these non-porous boards with typical white water-based adhesives. The issue is that if we use water-based glue to adhere to two non-porous surfaces (PVC/WPC board and MICA/ PVC laminate), the problem of bubble eruption on the laminate is unavoidable.

Polyfix Spray Activator and Combo Kit
We are the only firm in India that manufactures the spray activator inhouse. The spray activator significantly improves the curing speed of cyanoacrylate adhesives while also providing non-blooming qualities. It contributes to increased project efficiency by shortening CA glue’s curing time. The spray activator is also available as a combo kit with HV instant glue, which no other firm manufactures in India and is thus our USP product.

High Tack Cement Binder
This is another unique product offered by the company as a waterproofing option for concrete roofs and flooring. This, when mixed with cement and water in the prescribed proportions and applied to the surface, gives the combination flexibility and aids in the filling of small gaps in the surface. The company provides ultra-premium quality PU sealant that is imported straight from Japan and meets all international quality criteria set by the Japanese government.

Auton polyurethane sealant is a highquality single-component sealant that is utilised in various industries, including advertising, construction, vehicles, building, and architectural work. It adheres well to different substrates and can be utilised in horizontal and vertical applications. It is resistant to weather, heat, water, and chemicals, making it suitable for external applications.

AUTON SEALER is a moisture-cure polyurethane sealer that contains no plasticiser.


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