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Ledure Lightings for exquisite homes

Ledure Lightings for exquisite homes

Ledure Lightings Limited, one of India’s top LED manufacturers, has launched a line of Architectural Lighting solutions illuminating surroundings with the ideal balance of elegance.

The Director of Ledure Lightings Limited, Pranav Aggarwal, states, “At Ledure Lightings Limited, we take pride in offering an extensive range of lighting solutions, and our Architectural Lights category is no exception. Ledure’s Architectural Lightings line highlights our commitment to offering various products that elevate the status symbols of those who utilise Ledure Lighting. Architectural lighting enables selective homeowners to transform their living space from a home to a masterpiece.”


Ledure offers a collection of LED lights, such as the Arcade COB Series; the retractable lights provide bright illumination and efficient and dependable lighting due to their user-friendly design and outstanding output. Arcade COB enhances the space appearance, changeable focus capabilities, simple pull and push adjustments, anti-glare design, rotatable, recessed light, and energy efficiency. Neo Magnetic Track Series are innovative lighting fixtures with magnetic bases for easy installation on metal surfaces. They allow precise direction along the track, making them ideal for accenting specific areas or creating adaptive lighting setups. Cube Surface COB Series are available in single and double LED configurations, offering contemporary and efficient lighting solutions for various applications. Their sleek, flat designs complement contemporary styles while providing enough lighting coverage.

Air Surface COB Series has a cylindrical form with Chip-on-Board LED technology, which provides intense and focused lighting. These directional lights may highlight certain areas or objects while reducing glare. Legend COB Series is a beacon of beauty and practicality in the world of decorative lighting, with a unique 36-degree beam angle designed for precision and greater focus, producing a fascinating atmosphere in any setting. Saga COB Series offers a sleek spherical design with superior COB LED technology for great brightness. Its 360-degree swivel hook allows for hands-free use in a variety of circumstances. Zoom Plus COB Series has tilting capabilities, offering variable brightness and coverage. COB LEDs with adjustable angles provide a versatile and effective lighting solution for various environments.


Saga Downlight Series is a diverse range of energy-efficient LED downlights designed for all commercial applications. It features a backlit LED structure for a brighter option that can also be operated remotely. Air Downlight Series is an advanced lighting solution that provides unparalleled convenience with its remote-control functionality, allowing for easy adjustment of its dimmable and tunable features to enjoy true colour accuracy that enhances the vibrancy of your surroundings and anti-glare technology for improved visual comfort. Grace COB Series combines innovation and flair, combining four reflectors and COB LED technology for robust and customisable lighting. Its stylish design is offered in white and black. Air COB Series is available in white and black hues and round or square shapes, allowing for easy modification of its dimmable and tunable characteristics.

For more information, visit: https://ledure.com/


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