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Highly effective waterproofing solutions by Armstrong

Highly effective waterproofing solutions by Armstrong

Armstrong guarantees customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and taking a holistic approach to finding solutions tailored to their requirements.

Armstrong Chemicals Pvt Ltd. offers quality integrated solutions in every facet of the business, from the selection of raw materials to the final product. By combining the best-suited product selection with its useful applications in project-oriented application advice, they provide exceptional technical services to construction industry professionals such as architects, engineers, builders, and contractors. Their goal is to continue leading the way in construction chemical technology.

Armstrong is a premium manufacturer of waterproofing compounds and construction chemicals with ISO 9001:2015 certification. With a wealth of outstanding construction chemicals at our disposal, their team of thirty years of experience in the field is prepared to bring fresh perspectives and elevate the standard. They are at the forefront of technological innovation in waterproofing, paving the way for future advancements in building and construction across society. They are regarded as the engineers ‘ first choice because of their excellent technical knowledge, affordability, quality, standard, and service.


Armstrong Chemicals Private Limited has always been dedicated to R&D for total quality management and providing intelligent solutions for waterproofing needs ranging from terraces, external and internal walls, bathrooms, sumps, water tanks, and swimming pools, as well as the strengthening of structures like bridges, flyovers, dams, reservoirs, columns, beams, runways, roads, and so on. Armstrong Chemicals Private Limited has done just that by setting a high global standard and establishing a trusted reputation. They offer systems solutions for superior, trustworthy structural strengthening, waterproofing, and restorations related to infrastructural requirements, all from one source, and they stay up to date with international quality.

The Engineering Staff College of India is one of the organisations that requests that Armstrong Group conduct technical awareness programs. The most recent technological information and application techniques for construction chemicals will be provided by the National Council for Building Materials, Thermal and Hydroelectric Power Stations, the National Academy of Construction, and training institutes related to construction.

Armstrong Group is a regular faculty member when the Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI) offers technical training courses to its engineers throughout India. They repaired and supplied a large variety of products to many clients. They provided waterproofing solutions serving various project needs, to name a few: the Bureau of Indian Standards, the National Academy of Constructions, Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Osmania University, the Nuclear Fuel Complex, Military Engineering Services, R&D Projects, Telangana State Secretariat (a prestigious project of the Telangana State Government), (The High-Speed Rail Project), Metro Rail Projects, the Major Power Transmission Project, etc.

For more information, visit: https://www.armstrongchemicals.co.in/


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