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Tubular steel structures are the future of construction

Tubular steel structures are the future of construction

Features of the APL Apollo Box section make tubular construction more effective, quicker, better and more powerful than ever.

India has the second fastestgrowing economy in the world, attributed to its construction industry. In this steadfast development, the construction industry has discovered, invented and developed several technologies, products and new concepts. The construction industry’s journey has changed many folds over the years, and Tubular Construction is one of the latest and rapidly growing technologies. We can easily say that Tubular steel structures are the future of construction.

APL Apollo is delighted to announce that, for the first time in India, we are launching ready box sections to make tubular buildings faster, better, and more efficient than ever. This will help this concept become even more effective. APL Apollo is the first company in India to produce ready square box sections of 500x500mm and 20mm thick.

Earlier, these sections of such a large diameter were made manually and heavy plates were transported, stored, cut and welded from all four sides, which increased the project’s overall time and led to an increase in overall cost too, with a compromise to the quality. Now, these ready box sections are available in the nick of time with our cutting-edge technology, with no compromise in quality. Our world-class technology can produce large quantities of tubes in a day in cut-to– length sizes, with minimum wastage, less lead time and more uniformity.

Apollo Box Sections
Unlimited Availability
APL Apollo has a large capacity to produce tubes, ensuring quick availability of ready box sections in the nick of time. A lower lead time of our technology provides no delays in project deadlines and faster construction, reducing the overall project time and cost.

Manually welded box sections are time intensive and have less dependability than machine-made box sections. High Rise buildings and mega factory/ warehouse buildings can be made faster than ever, lower project timelines reduce overall costs, and faster construction ensures faster IRR.

Better Quality
The company is ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 certified, so there’s no question of compromise regarding quality. Machinemade tubes have better uniformity and quality assurance than manually welded box sections. Our Direct Forming technology ensures minimum wastage, lower lead time and cut-to-length sizes, making the fabrication much easier.

More Carpet Area
Other sections require RCC encasing to get smoother edges and appealing aesthetics; shuttering and de-shuttering are required to support the structure. Square hollow sections have smooth edges and better aesthetics than I-sections; they do not require encasing or shuttering to get the best of both worlds; concrete can be filled inside the tube, giving us more space in the structure.

No Ground Fabrication
Structural Steel Tubes reduce the overall fabrication time, as our tubes are pre-fabricated, precisely engineered and cut to length. There needs to be an on-site fabrication, accelerating the construction process.

Environment Friendly
The construction sector contributes 30 percent of direct and indirect Co2 emissions. Structural steel is preferred for construction as steel is infinitely recyclable and is accessible to prefabricate. Research indicates replacing reinforced concrete with steel structures can reduce emissions by 60 percent as there’s no air pollution and less water consumption.


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